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Comments of the Week - My Gift to You


Don't you just love December? This month is so chockful of holiday cheer that any negativity will be considered a threat to Santa Claus. So, you there, with the frowny face! You better get into the spirit of the season or I'm going to shove magic down your mouth hole so hard that you'd feel it in your stomach like a sinking stone on a babbling brook!

Oh, threats won't work on you? Well, that's fine. I also know how to play "good cop." So maybe you're glum because someone took the last Bostom Creme donut at Krispy Kremes. That's okay, because I brought something to cheer you up! Voila! This week's Comments of the Week! You look like you need a laugh (you frowny-faced bastard) so why not catch up on some of the funniest things that happened this week?

TRUTH: Comments of the Week are scientifically proven to bring joy to the holiday season.

LOL: Its funny, because it's true!

WUT?: I'm a totally legit scientist!

If you missed out last week's edition, then you'll gonna want to check it out. It has the second greatest gift of all: The Gift of Family. What's the first? Well, ME, of course! Thank Goddess for Dreamweaver.

From PSA: That clear liquid at PlayStation Experience is not breath spray

Dreamweaver: Well, that's all you need.

Dreamweaver: I don't think that applies to hydrochrolic acid, but what do I know?

From EA admits Battlefront 'may not have the depth' you want in the game

Dreamweaver: Just like me! (virgin joke T^T)

From Check out all 16 launch characters in this massive Street Fighter V trailer

Dreamweaver: Truer words have never been spoken.

From The PS4's emulated PS2 games run worse in Europe

Dreamweaver: Why do we let them help us with wars again?

From Street Fighter V has a 'Hot Package' in Japan

Dreamweaver: Street Fuckers is probably best name ever for a Street Fighters porn parody.

Dreamweaver: I can already hear the laugh track!

Dreamweaver: That's actually a picture of his mom.

From Hearthstone's 'Winter Veil' event is now underway

Dreamweaver: Amateurs. Everyone knows you snort Arcade Dust while sitting on a racing game cabinet so you have a place to lean back.

From Xbox boss is '100% committed' to keeping you engaged with Xbox consoles

Dreamweaver: That's what hookers say about me.

Dreamweaver: The same thing also applies between me and hookers.

From Hyrule Warriors Legends will have a Tamagotchi-like 'My Fairy' mechanic

Dreamweaver: If two gay men get together, does it cancel the gay or amplifies it?

Dreamweaver: Always have Boston Cream donuts. Always.

From Lots of games may have just had their Steam releases leaked

Dreamweaver: Praise the Goddess.

From Cyberpunk 2077 may be launching by the end of 2016

Dreamweaver: That's the date of the reboot.

From Review: Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

Dreamweaver: I'd light her grill. With my penis.

From Are you okay with the Final Fantasy VII remake taking a 'multi-part' approach?

Dreamweaver: He's clearly a rooster.

From Street Fighter V's next beta period will begin next week

Dreamweaver: Cheez Whiz on burgers is nature's perfect food.

From You'll need friends to earn this cool Heroes of the Storm mount

Dreamweaver: I hear that hobo on seventh street is a level 20 paladin though.

From Windows 7 now supports the Xbox One wireless controller adapter

Dreamweaver: Clearly, we are mere mortals in his presence.

From Cave is working on a free-to-play shooter

Dreamweaver: He clearly said it slowly.

From Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is still looking pretty rad

Dreamweaver: We must listen to the cock. It knows what's good for us.

From 3DS is here to stay,' says Nintendo

Dreamweaver: On one hand, at least it's a unique collection.

From Halo 5 is getting advanced control options

Dreamweaver: Don't press Doug's button, dammit!

From Final Fantasy VII Remake will be broken up into episodes

Dreamweaver: Fanta Z sounds like a line of soft drinks.

Dreamweaver: ...Coffee no nice now?

Dreamweaver: Palms.... Pixie's greatest nemesis.

From Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and The Following DLC out in February

Dreamweaver: YOU BLEW IT!

I was talking about the penis in Mike's mouth.

But yeah, he also ruined the song.

From Max Payne rated for PS4, likely a PS2 emulation

Dreamweaver: OrochiLeona thought he had it all figured out. He was always thinking about revisiting the past, looking back on the adventures that he had. He hoped that he could see the glory days once more. But he'll learn that sometimes, you only get to live through something once. 

Sure, it may support Trophies for your acccomplishments, and maybe it'll run at a full 1080p, but you don't get to see it again the same way you did before. You don't get to feel the same rush you got chasing the criminal through the snowy streets of New York City like when you did it the first time. It's like shooting up the second shot of heroin. You don't feel like it's greatest thing on earth.

Instead, you feel like it's the worst thing ever. Not because of the crash, the puking of blood, or even the infection from the dirty ass syringe you found in a dumpster. No, the worst part of spiraling into drug abuse is knowing that you will never get the same high as your first round, and yet you'll still chase after it like fools who chase the end of a rainbow.

Don't do it, OrochiLeona. You'll never find that pot of gold.

Or whatever. "I'm not your mom," I'd say, as I down another shot of strawberry milk.

From Fallout 4 looks right at home with an isometric camera

Dreamweaver: ...Uh, y-yeah, man, EVERYONE who had sex knows that!

From The Witcher 3's second expansion looks lovely

Dreamweaver: That's, like, the start of an awesome story right there.

Dreamweaver: He saw a lot of things, but nothing will prepare him for that.

From Review: SteamWorld Heist

Dreamweaver: He calls his friend, Harry Potter, to make it for him.

From Nominees for Destructoid's Best Vita Game of 2015

Dreamweaver: Or maybe... Occams WAS the one who cancelled Constantine!

From Nominees for Destructoid's Best Mobile Game of 2015

Dreamweaver: ...Did you drink any?

Dreamweaver: I never get the high score.

From LucasFilms president: 'We're spending a lot of time looking at' Star Wars 1313

Dreamweaver: Huh, I always thought God would be Matt Damon. Now I know nothing about life.

Well, that's it for this edition! As always, I hope you enjoyed your stay here!

At least more than that other guy. Nothing ever impresses that bastard.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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