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Comments of the Week - Monday surprise!


Welcome back to Comments of the Week! I see that a few new members have been joining our little cult-like community (praise thee Gardevoir) so let me introduce to them what this series is all about. Well, I mean, I've been doing that every edition anyay, but no one really reads that. Anyway, Comments of the Week is a series where I collect the best of the best comments (that I personally saw, anyway) of a week and compile them all in one place. So whether you were M.I.A. or simply want to relive the glory moments, then this is for you. All the comments will be placed into categories:

TRUTH: when the truth is real.

LOL: when the laughs be loud.

WUT?: when the mind be like "what...?"

In case you can't get enough, you can check out last week's edition at this link, and past editions on the bio to the right.

From A Pokédex of game journalists that only lists negative traits?

Dreamweaver: The ride never ends.

Dreamweaver: I'm still waiting for the answer.

From Fighting game streamer has his equipment stolen

Dreamweaver: Ew, who would want the heart of a thief? It probably looks like a baboon's.

From Iwata says no NX at E3

Dreamweaver: NXt a problem.

From This post explains the entire Mega Man Legends copyright situation

Dreamweaver: Well, that's one ballot I don't want to "hand" in. Nyuk nyuk.

From Movable Breasts: A poem for Hideo Kojima

Dreamweaver: I jerked off to a period once. Wasn't pretty.

From Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Dreamweaver: Yeah, I mean, what's going on there? Did you finally cave from the media blackout or something?

From Axiom Verge is relatively the same on PC, with one helpful upgrade

Dreamweaver: Psh, I have that on a daily basis!

From 'Late-breaking technical issue' delays Destiny's latest update

Dreamweaver: He would've loved the hear anything bad happen to Destiny. :(

From Nintendo finally spills the official beans on the Silver Mario amiibo

Dreamweaver: Conspiracy theory: scalpers are ChillyBilly agents placed all over the world to bring him amiibo.

From Canadian theaters to host eSports events

Dreamweaver: I'd make a joke, but eh.

Dreamweaver: That's the most heinous thing they could do!

From Nintendo is putting on another Splatoon Global Testfire event

Dreamweaver: You know that saying "better late than never"? Yeah, good luck trying to use that excuse.

Dreamweaver: ...Gosh darn it, Scoobie.

From Sexism and Super Smash at Press Start LAN

Dreamweaver: Seems like they're so used to playing with their own joysticks, am I right?

From ARK: Survival Evolved looks like Day-Z with dinosaurs

Dreamweaver: If this joke is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

From Yep, yep, Yoshi’s Woolly World still looks adorable

Dreamweaver: I like to imagine this happened during a board meeting.

From Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate coming October 23

Dreamweaver: Shots fired!

Dreamweaver: I laughed more than I thought I would've.

From Publishers think Swery's next game idea is 'perverted'

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, Luna!

Dreamweaver: That would be the most useful educational television ever.

From The worst part of the '90s are alive in this Splatoon commercial

Dreamweaver: I tried looking at it closely once and got cinnamon dust in my eyes, so I wouldn't recommend it.

From Uncharted 4 faces contain crazy numbers of bones

Dreamweaver: Yet for some, it was just a Tuesday.

From What newbie, trigger happy mod is deleting my comments.

Dreamweaver: That's always a fun option.

Dreamweaver: ...Gosh darn it, Kanye.

Dreamweaver: Poor vision? Well, you get what you paid for.

From Indie Kickstarter trolled by fraudulent last-minute 7,000 euro pledge (Update)

Dreamweaver: I feel wrong for laughing, but I also would've made that joke.

From TMZ Alert: Nip slip in The Witcher 3 cinematic trailer

Dreamweaver: Give a hand of applause for Hancock lending a helping hand.

Dreamweaver: Don't even bother trying to go to the original article, it's just as disappointing as the screenshot.

Dreamweaver: Argh, I hate it when that happens!

From That Odell Beckham catch looks way less impressive in Madden 16

Dreamweaver: Looks like he was bending it like Beckham. Wait, wrong football.

From Weekend Deals: Witcher 3, Galactic Civilizations III up to 28% off

Dreamweaver: But is it still a trap worth falling onto?

From Rumour: Guillermo del Toro's production company creating Fallout 4 trailer

Dreamweaver: "Squinting at girls in yoga pants." Er, are you sure it's urine coming out of people?

From Male gamer faces unwanted catcalls, ogling at Cooking Mama competition

Dreamweaver: Women don't understand how hard we have it. And by that, I mean our penis. Because the majority of women don't have any.

From Sega calls Alien: Isolation sales 'weak' at 2.1 million

Dreamweaver: Not "stupid sexy", stupidly sexy. Big difference.

Dreamweaver: Damn it, you ruined the image for us!

From Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night fully funded in less than four hours

Dreamweaver: ...That must be one hell of a hat.

From Konami plans to focus on mobile games from now on

Dreamweaver: ...Damn it, Cannonball Steven!

From Nasty virus found in two GTA V mods

Dreamweaver: ...He turns African American?

From Four indies, including Don't Starve, are invading LittleBigPlanet

Dreamweaver: Please tell me you didn't turn Sackboy into a "Sackboy"...

From Wildstar might be going free to play in August

Dreamweaver: I never trusted a Canadian. And they're a little too close to America for my liking.

Alright, we're going to stop right here. As always, I hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully we can meet again next week. Until then, be wary of Canadians. I think they're plotting something sinister.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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