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Comments of the Week - iDroid edition


Welcome back to another Comments of the Week, hosted by yours truly! As you may have known from the dozens of other editions I did, this is a community showcase that features lovely comments from Dtoiders such as yourself, all in one spot for everyone else to laugh at! So whether you've been swaying in the wind, or simply want to remember the good ol' times, then this is for you. As always, comments are placed into three categories:

TRUTH: The candy Sugar Daddies were originally called Papa Suckers.

LOL: I Googled "Sugar Daddies" to see if that was true.

WUT?: Now I'll have to cut out my own eyes!

If you think that's horrifying, then perhaps you're in the mood to be scared. Why not check out last week's Trick-or-Treat edition and see if I can't spook you?


From Watch Troy Baker show off his voice acting skills

Dreamweaver: I scare small children with my voice, so I doubt I'm voiced by Troy Baker.

From Review: Poncho

Dreamweaver: Better than "adorable execution, poor concept" at least.

From What Fallout 4 might have looked like in 1984

Dreamweaver: There's not nearly enough gamebreaking glitches in that screen!

From Xenoblade Chronicles X's Best Buy pre-order bonus is...pizza?

Dreamweaver: Is there any other way to drink tap water?

From Here's a big list of 2016 video game release dates

Dreamweaver: Guess we'll never know the truth.

From Someone uncovered 10 color variations for each character in Street Fighter V

Dreamweaver: Finally, I've always wanted to sock a Troll in the face!

From Pre-order Resident Evil Origins Collection to unlock new costumes in-game

Dreamweaver: You should've used silk. It hugs the cock.

Dreamweaver: Well, if time is money, then paying for the game is the same as playing it!

From One man made this big-breasted PS4 brawler

Dreamweaver: I don't usually feature myself (:P) but you can't make up that kind of coincidence.

Dreamweaver: I wonder if that's what CJ Andriessen used to do before coming to Destructoid.

From Ubisoft: Syndicate sales were 'clearly impacted' by Assassin's Creed Unity

Dreamweaver: Why abort when you can assassinate?

Hey, I should run for President.

From EA's latest game promises no paid DLC, 'everything for free'

Dreamweaver: So that's how they'll keep their promise...


From BattleTech Kickstarter stomps to the homestretch

Dreamweaver: I'll take that as a "yes"!

(Thanks, Mike Martin!)

From It's time for GOG.com's big fall sale

Dreamweaver: I remember that battle. So many wallets were lost that day.

Dreamweaver: Gabe will still find it. Gabe will ALWAYS find it.

From There's a new Contra coming, for Android and iOS...in China

Dreamweaver: I know what printed T-shirt I'm wearing to China!

From Amazon will hand-deliver you a copy of Black Ops III at midnight

Dreamweaver: Such a beautiful relationship... 8^8

Dreamweaver: Are they giving each other a thumbs up, or giving us a double thumbs up?

Dreamweaver: And when the pizza girl looks at you with her face covered with the Amazon Now delivery guy's blood and extends her hand, you look back and say before you shut your front door "there never was a tip."

"There never was a tip."

From Dark Mewtwo is actually Shadow Mewtwo

Dreamweaver: And somehow still get all the girls.

From Korean horror game White Day looks fantastic

Dreamweaver: Wait, we were saying that ironically?

From At least six future Street Fighter V characters have been found in the game's files

Dreamweaver: Who is also gutter trash!

From Fallout 4-themed cars are racing to Forza 6

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, I say!

From Newer, smaller Vault Boy bobbleheads are coming for Fallout 4

Dreamweaver: Seven's a lucky number!

Dreamweaver: Now that's functionality that's actually useful!

Dreamweaver: Now that's one Vault he'll wish he never stayed at!

Dreamweaver: The ocean gave me crabs once. The itchy kind.


From Buying Halo 5 at a military base nets you this collector's coin

Dreamweaver: That's because he's gotta hand it to him.

From The Xbox One wireless PC adapter works like a charm

Dreamweaver: Who ever thought the destiny would be an Xbox 360 controller?

From Latest Warcraft movie poster drops the giant shoulder armor

Dreamweaver: Now that's a movie I'd paid to see!

(Provided I pay for porn.)

Dreamweaver: Last season was a rebuilding year.

From New experimental rules bring Underdark specializations to D&D

Dreamweaver: I felt the same way after watching bestiality. But now I can't get enough of it!

From Epic announces Paragon, teases a beefy dude with metal arms

Dreamweaver: One of them's totally a rip-off of the other.

From Fallout 4 pre-order deals: Cheapest PC discounts & console bonuses

Dreamweaver: So he DOES have human emotions...

Dreamweaver: Damn it, guess we'll never find out his true identity.

From Undertale is too demonic and evil for the 700 Club

Dreamweaver: That depends... is the skeleton inside you YOURS?

From Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Dreamweaver: I can confirm that those are all words that appear in the review, so the quote is completely legit.

From Cringey Resident Evil 2 Easter egg is an outfit in Resident Evil 0 HD

Dreamweaver: I refuse to believe he has a photo of her without cum stains.

Well, that's it for this week! I hope you had a good time, and hopefully we can get together again next week!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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