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Comments of the Week - Can't get it up edition



Welcome back to Comments of the Week! While I may have been a bit away during the week, that didn't stop me from spying on you guys! Like Batman and Gotham City, I'm where the site needs me most so even though Gamescom saw a lot of news post and a bunch of comments to sort through, I still had time to surf through articles because, quite frankly, I am (hopefully temporary) sexually impotent and thus spent a lot less time watching porn and way more time watching YOU. SO START FUCKING ALREADY, DAMMIT!

Er, sorry about that. Nicole with half her shirt ripped off is hot, but I can't do a thing about it. Anyway, as always, comments are placed into three categories:

TRUTH: the average male ejaculates at 28 miles per hour.

LOL: I must not be average then!

WUT?: Because I can't do it at all. :(

Well, I guess it's a good thing we got that "community gathering" last week, eh? Don't tell me you forgot all about it!


From Holy crap, this report on how Konami treats its employees is horrifying


Dreamweaver: They can't. Konami ensures they NEVER leave.

From Entire 'Gears of War Collection' unlocked on Xbox One by playing Ultimate Edition


Dreamweaver: You mean buying this game won't get me laid? What the fuck, Microsoft!

From The Lord of the Rings Online shuts down most of its worlds


Dreamweaver: Right down to the multiple chins!

From Thimbleweed Park has an Anthony Burch doppelganger


Dreamweaver: Bury the Burch.

From Comcept finally confirms that the Mighty No. 9 2016 delay is REAL


Dreamweaver: I knew it wasn't my reflection!

From Here's the Mafia 3 trailer you've been waiting for


Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, Gaj!

From The Phantom Pain lets you sneak into players' bases and steal their men with wormholes


Dreamweaver: Challenge accepted!


Dreamweaver: At least he'll have something cool for his epitaph.


Dreamweaver: I'd love to shower with Cooking Mama. I'd also eat her "dinner" with friends.

From Tony Hawk 5 replaces original bland style with bright cel-shading


Dreamweaver: This is why I'd sooner go into a haunted mansion than go to Starbucks alone.

From Compare current, last-gen, and PC with this official Metal Gear Solid V gallery


Dreamweaver: No, the lights keep the real monsters away!


From New 'one-eyed snake' Pokemon teased in movie trailer


Dreamweaver: Hey, only the teachers can give out Ds! Especially the female ones!

From Keiji Inafune: Is it too soon to start my next Kickstarter? (Fauxclusive)


Dreamweaver: Still more expensive than what I spend on hookers.


Dreamweaver: LISTEN TO THE BEAR.

From New Silent Hill announced, it's a slot machine


Dreamweaver: Perro no.

From That's more like it, PlayStation Store summer sale


Dreamweaver: If they bought Duck Dynasty at all, they probably don't know the number!


Dreamweaver: Dammit Sony, it should've been 69 cents...

From What the balls is going on?


Dreamweaver: Also cocks.


Dreamweaver: BUT WHICH ONE?


Dreamweaver: Do you drink your cat shakened, not stirred?

From Nintendo announces September dates for upcoming amiibo wave


Dreamweaver: I'd pay to see that video. GET ON IT, JED.

From Some guy will pay $1,000 if you can recreate this Mario glitch


Dreamweaver: Now that's what I call music!

From Final Fantasy XV confirmed for 2016 release


Dreamweaver: It'd be weird for them to miss their 10th anniversary as well.

From The Xbox Elite controller's app lets you customize everything


Dreamweaver: Dammit, I need to upgrade!

From Super Smash Con starts today, Brawl finals are tonight


Dreamweaver: What a weird cuntry.

From Crackdown 3's full-on destruction is only in multiplayer


Dreamweaver: ...Have you tried?


From OMG YOU GUYS look at this parents against pot website


Dreamweaver: Which lord? Matt Damon or Macho Man Randy Savage?

From Dynasty Warriors as we know it turns 15 years old today


Dreamweaver: ...Why can't China just name everyone Bob?

From Tri-Ace and Spike Chunsoft unveil their new RPG


Dreamweaver: No, you're just getting started. *eats popcorn*

From You Are Tearing Me Apart Destructoid!


Dreamweaver: Bikes used to have penises until they had to be neutered.

From Konami does a cute 'act like a hero' Metal Gear Solid V commercial


Dreamweaver: Proportions are important.


Dreamweaver: Why do we let them help us during times of war again?

From Scalebound gameplay trailer reveals four-player co-op, coming holiday 2016


Dreamweaver: So that's where he's been hiding...

From Mario's silhouette shows off his li'l dick


Dreamweaver: Is his point his penis? Also, we need a dick-tective or else we'll never know Mario's penis size.

From The reality of Microsoft's backward compatibility ad is less impressive


Dreamweaver: Why corn?

From Subnautica's Habitat Update makes living under the sea a bit more complicated


Dreamweaver: EXPOSED!

From Why the Need for Speed reboot is always online


Dreamweaver: How the hell did happened with two simple letters is beyond me.

From Here's when you'll be able to play Battleborn


Dreamweaver: And that's the story about how Zyk was shamed into being a porn star.


Dreamweaver: Kanye always did have a thing for botts.


Dreamweaver: But even Kanye has standards.

Man, this was like a soap opera, but with robots! I can't think of a better way to end this week so I'll see you when I see you! As always, go down to the comments and mention which ones were your favorite down below. And no, this wasn't extra long to compensate for my flaccid penis!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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