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Comments of the Week - Atom bomb baby, little atom bomb


Welcome back everyone to Comments of the Week! This is basically Destructoid's version of "America's Funniest Home Video," where yours truly gathers all the comments he could find this week that's worth sharing with you folks. I even provide all the bad jokes you'd expect from a community showcase like this one! So whether you've been playing Fallout 4 all week and missed visiting the site, or simply want to see all the stuff that went down a second time, then this is for you! As always, comments are placed into three categories:

TRUTH: There's more calories in a single piece of Ferrara Pan Atomic FireBall Candy than there are in the average load of sperm.

LOL: But they both burn your throat when you swallow, am I right?

WUT?: N-Not that I know that myself... baka!

Comments of the Week is brought to you by iDroid, the latest in smartphone technology. If you haven't picked one up, why not check out last week's edition of CotW and see what you're missing out on.


From A modder has taken the Alien out of Alien: Isolation

Dreamweaver: I don't know what politics have to do with this.

Dreamweaver: Huh, I didn't think finding out the true purpose of the internet would feels so very anti-climatic.

From Don't masturbate in public to PS4 displays

Dreamweaver: You're boned either way.

From Check out this awesome Darth Vader PS4 controller

Dreamweaver: Let's throw a ninja star at his face and see what he does, just to be sure.

From What does the developer of Undertale want to change about the game?

Dreamweaver: Don't let someone else sour what you enjoy. Unless that someone is me. I know what's good for you.

From Buy tickets to see Dead or Alive's Itagaki in court

Dreamweaver: Continental breakfast sounds like something that came out of Britain. Which means you should already know it sucks.

From The first wave of Nintendo mobile games will all be free-to-play

Dreamweaver: God bless America.

From Steam analyst claims 1.2 million people owned Fallout 4 at launch

Dreamweaver: I bet there's someone telling a rich guy in a cult that if he said this in a video game website, he'd sound fucking crazy.

From Life is Strange is getting a physical edition, out next year

Dreamweaver: Confirmed: Chris Carter produces fruit.

From As a reminder, Destructoid does not attend industry review events

Dreamweaver: This is exactly what Niero had in mind when he created this site.

From Overkill made the Payday 2 microtransactions worse: cash and XP boosts

Dreamweaver: But you went and did it anyway.

You went and did it anyway.

From You'll want to install the Xenoblade Chronicles X data packs before launch

Dreamweaver: Eventually, we'll have pre-orders for the pre-day one patches!


From Here's how Shovel Knight and Nipples Juan look in Indivisible

Dreamweaver: You should've sold it at a lower price.

From Close to home: dad throws son at foes in Dad Quest

Dreamweaver: ...She sleeps with him?

From Star Wars Battlefront has a surprisingly small file size

Dreamweaver: I'm just kidding! I never had sex!



From Telltale details assorted Walking Dead news

Dreamweaver: So this is what George Bush does in his spare time.

From Fragile gamer says she just can't handle Destructoid reviews anymore (Fauxclusive)

Dreamweaver: It's still not as bad as living in Canada.

From Rodea: The Sky Soldier on 3DS is basically a far worse Wii U version

Dreamweaver: All part of "m" key's plan...

From Here are all the names Fallout 4's Codsworth can say

Dreamweaver: Apparently, I speak Boston.

Dreamweaver: So that's why you never see anyone named Sean in the apocalypse.

From Having issues with the new Xbox One Experience update?

Dreamweaver: I always wondered what the hole was for.

From Bethesda shipped a whole lot of copies of Fallout 4

Dreamweaver: HOW DOES HE DO IT?

From A Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul PC port will be released this month

Dreamweaver: Well, he's in space, so he's technically over everyone's diner!

Well, half the time anyway.

From A bunch of up-close pictures of that sweet Wolf Link amiibo

Dreamweaver: I thought that disc was supposed to be a coaster for the amiibo.

From Boobie mouse pads included with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Collector's Editions

Dreamweaver: And people told me being able to click a mouse with my penis was never going to amount to anything.


From Impossible Creatures finally releases on Steam, 13 years after being announced

Dreamweaver: Yet still not scarier than anything found in New Jersey.

From Review: Fallout 4

Dreamweaver: The applesauce ate itself.

Dreamweaver: He totally earned that position.

Dreamweaver: People have emotions when they fap?

From Affordable Space Adventures is getting a huge update this month

Dreamweaver: Did he literally wait until there was 69 comments, or did he make 69 Disqus accounts just to make this one image?

From If you like Star Wars and Anna Kendrick, I have the thing for you

Dreamweaver: Is his blood in his eyelids, or are his eyes in his bloodstream?

From Where to find companions in Fallout 4

Dreamweaver: I feel like there should've been some nudity, but it's otherwise a riveting story.

From Fallout 4 already shattered one Steam record*

Dreamweaver: Well, I guess a P.O. box could, in theory...

Dreamweaver: I'm not a scientist.

From It sounds like Life is Strange 2 is happening (Update)

Dreamweaver: Place your bets everyone!

Alright, that's it for this edition! Did you like it? Well, let me know down below!

Did you hate it? Then let me know in that totally not suspicious alley over there!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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