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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Hiya, I'm new to this site so this is my first blog post. So yeah, I played the first Etrian Odyssey and thought it was fantastic. The really hard enemies, map system and the tremendous levels of customization really help it to stand out, so I'm looking forward to the next. That's why I'm writing this, in hopes of winning a copy, as well as to share my most memorable experience while playing. So, here goes!

While exploring the 5th floor of the 1st strata, I had my usual party: a protector, survivalist, landsknecht, medic and alchemist. As always, I'm on the lookout for FOEs, since they're so strong and a pain in the butt. As I'm going along, one of the FOEs on the floor gets in the way of the path to the next room, so I back off, succeeding in getting it to follow me away from the path: however, it follows me to closely, so I end up running around mindlessly trying to get away from it, knowing I wouldn't stand a chance. Practically every time I turned, it would move in a way that conflicted with my own movements. And of course there were random encounters, so I had to deal with those as fast as I could to avoid the FOE joining the brawl. I eventually managed to get away from it by actually thinking about where to move next to throw it off, safely getting to the path, if not somewhat worn out from regular monster fights. And then after a sigh of relief...it starts all over again with the FOE in the new room >_<

Thanks for reading my story! I hope it wasn't to boring, or to much like other peoples'. Thank you for considering my entry for the Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard MEGA-Contest!
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