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I Was a Teenage Gamer - 005 - 27/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

You're probably wondering why I've called you here today.

Or, not.

I'm finding it hard to feed my gaming diet, lately. I've been so since the holidays began with getting my courses setup for next semester and work and spending time with my friends and family. It feels like everyday there is something on the schedule that needs to be done.

It's unfortunate because if I had it my way, theres a lot of newly reduced price stickers on games that I've been dying to trying and I would be hold up in my room playing them all with a bowl of cheetos, Fruit Punch Rockstar and a Captain America snuggie. Dreams. I have them.

Not possible, though. This is going to be a crazy next few days, especially. On the datebook I've got Two shifts, planning a visit to the city to purchase items for Pixel Bash, Tron Imax, a gaming tournament, a family reunion party and a podcast to host. All by Saturday's end. Will I complete my mission or will my head explode? I'm going for the latter.

This is just a reminder for EVERYONE to tune into Pixel Bash this FRIDAY AT 2PM ON JUSTIN.TV/PIXELBROS . Huge tournament going to be streamed live for you guys, hosted by Destructoid Toronto. Gonna be good times!

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