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About Draconianviperone of us since 6:40 PM on 01.30.2009

Well after lurking in the shadows for years I've decided to break down and be more active in the dtoid community. Don't hurt me too much now...well maybe some. Anyways, long time gamer here from the Atari to PC to the PS3. I've even gamed on the often over looked 3DO machine as well as the "cute when you look at it from a certain angle" Sega Saturn. My biggest influence growing up was probably being the NES as I am a bag of flesh that was raised in the 80s.

To date my biggest love in gaming is perhaps strategy games hence my PC loving of gaming. And I can't seem to escape gaming since it's part of my job. I'm currently a QA Lead with Associate Producer responsibilities but hopefully I can bring my obsession with games and one day contribute something great. Until then I work hard and play hard. Living in the Bay Area for years has somewhat taken it's toll on me but in terms of moving I haven't really found the next place I want to try out while thinking of my career. Someday, somehow, I'll truly live.