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Indie Games & Other Obscura (Shameless Self-Promotion)

I've been reading Destructoid since the beginning way back 6 years ago (Congrats, btw). Over the years I find myself coming back here for different reasons, at first it was for the news; then I discovered other genre-specific sites that catered to my needs, but I kept coming back for the editorials, and discussion. But, soon enough, as my tastes in games began to change, I found that I was rarely interested in the topics being discussed, but I kept on reading D-toid, so I could bask in Jim Sterling's dry, sarcastic wit, something I hope never changes. I could go on a rant defending Jim, and in fact, that will be the next post I make here...

But not today, as you read in the title, I'm here to shamelessly shill myself, my writing team and our new blog, Hidden Gems - dedicated to in-depth analysis of Indie games, as well as obscure commercial games both new and old- to the readers of D-toid, and hope everything blows over well. Shall we?

I stated above that, my interests shifted in recent years. But towards what? Well, independent games. I've noticed may D-toiders cry foul about DLC, and how bland and soulless a significant bulk of AAA titles are nowadays, and I couldn't agree more. This is not some pretentious diatribe against corporate video-games; They're a legitimate business, and MUST do what it takes to sell to the customer - I can relate, hell I'm sitting here begging you to read our blog - Instead, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the work of amateur developers; they are keeping the true spirit of game design alive, not by shifting units, and selling millions, occasionally making a quality game as a side-effect, but rather setting out to make the best possible game, with quality as their number one priority. This is where Indie games excel.

This blog is not just about independent games, however. We also discuss fangames (which incidentally, are indeed indie games) commercially released games that bombed, and were never heard of again, as well as a few special write-ups: one article I'm currently working on, discusses the many unreleased games, cut-content, etc. from the Sonic series. Even though Sonic is as mainstream as it gets, only a limited few know a great deal about the prototypes, and withheld content from over the years.

I find more and more topics about indie gaming on D-toid, and more and more D-toiders discussing these games, and I find myself reading more and more topics here in general, which is undoubtedly a good thing. Seeing how many people enjoy these games, I figured this would be a good opportunity to try and get some exposure from a receptive audience. I'm hoping you guys enjoyed my little introduction, and I'm hoping you'll all enjoy our blog.

Hidden Gems is located at: Thanks for reading, everybody.

I'm think I'm going to post here on the cblogs more often. Jim Sterling anybody?
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