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Daddy's friend Atlas


So today my daddy learned of a sale on the PSN and was very excited about some game called Bioshock. I don't know what it is, but dad is really excited .Before starting the game he told me he was playing on really hard, whatever that means. After about a half hour, dad started saying words I've never heard before! I tried saying one, but mommy yelled at me. The game is "harder than I remember" he told me. I don't think daddy is very good at this game. From what I've heard, daddy's friend Atlas seems very nice. I hope he can see his family again really soon. I just heard more strage words from daddy and I think he quit. Talk to you soon!



Disclaimer: my 1 year old DOES NOT watch me play Bioshock or any "violent" games .

- Dad wants to play a scary game, time for milk and my crib.

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