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Anyone like Jak 3? I have some swag

I picked this up awhile back in some contest, but I don't really like Jak 3 or Jak X all that much. I've got 1 Shirt (Jak 3) 2 Poster things (Jak X) 1 sticker (Jak X) 3 demo discs If anyone wants this lot just pay shipping (should ...


Mass Effect on PC... sigh

So I just finished mass effect on PC. It was pretty disappointing. I mean, the game was great, but there where so many glitches it was almost impossible to play. Example: A known glitch where weapons that overheat will not cool down. Ever...


My PSP is sad

3 years old today and I did nothing for it. It is just sitting in a shelf behind me with a cover and luminies in it. The battery isn't even charged. Crap, I just realized I have been an early adopter a lot. Maybe tomorrow I will take a pi...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Here is where my rig lives at times. You can see the cat thingy, ghetto chair, genesis game box, and a really messy desk. Check out this case mod though! I got a 5" LCD right in my PC! Of course, it is crooked and not on 90% of the time....


Just finished COD4 (spoilers!)

OMG. This has to be one of the most intense games I've played all year. Right up there with EP2. I haven't even played multiplayer yet, but I know it will be awesome! SPOILERS START NOW Seriously, if you haven't beaten it yet don't rea...


You walk into a bar...

You see a Wii, 360, PS3, and PC. All of them have all the latest releases. Which do you play first? I think I would start with some Crysis. After that some Mass Effect, then Ratchet & Clank, followed by some Super Mario Galaxy. My poin...


EP2 stats reveal players are stupid

http://steampowered.com/status/ep2/ep2_stats.php Honestly, people manage to kill themselves even when there are no enemies. How? Maybe they died of shock from the endings. These maps don't include NPC deaths by the way, so you can rule t...


$100 well spent

I just cracked open the bank and bought 1 more gb of RAM for my slowly dying system, and COD4!!!!!!! This is the first game I have not bought on steam since the horror that is C&C3 copy protection. But you can't use Newegg gift cards on st...


Combine now using sound weapons

You many remember my previous post on how the combine were already in Georgia. Now they have started to use sound weapons against riots. Soon it comes to genetically modifying people to be better soldiers... http://blog.wired.com/defense/...


Saw mass effect, didn't buy it

I just went to K-mart to buy some pants. Sure enough they had mass effect. Maybe some lucky person will find it. I considered buying it, but then I realized that it would make be buy a 360 or some other kind of evil.


22" monitor!

This just came in today and it is SWEET. I can play portal full settings, on my 2 year old 6800gs! But the crysis demo still looks sweet at 800x600! Also, now I can fit all of my tabs on on screen.


Fun with cheats in portal: 3rd person and weapons

I have known about the thirdperson cheat code in source for awhile. The problem is in most games for source you just end up playing while looking at the front of your person, but not portal! In portal you can do real third person, you w...


TF2 skins starting to come out

Ever felt like having a white demoman, or a entire black team? Well now you can, for some reason. Also above is the obvious medics, which I am totally using. http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/games/297


Weighted Companion cube IRL

Mine almost tried to stab me but then I gave it cake, now it is happy. A bit to small though, I should send it off to kinkos to get it printed real life size. Yeah, I have not made mine yet, so that is not my picture. Here is the printou...



WIN! I got to a 10 rating on my steam profile. And yes, I really was actively playing EP2 for 20 hours. And no, I still only have like 56% of the achievements.


Steam is awseome

With the new steam update, I can now track my use of any application. I have been playing notepad for 1.4 hours and Firefox for even more! Woo!


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