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Top 5 Game Music of the 90s (you won't guess number one)

Video games can live or die in people memories based on their soundtracks, good music in a game can help immerse a player into a vivid fantasy world and dictate how the player feels. However bad music can take you right out of the experience and make a game feel shallow and empty.

The 90s was where I was introduced to games and found out just how important music can be to a games experience. One of the reasons the 90s was such a good period for video game music was due to the wide mix of 8 and 16 bit tunes on earlier consoles along with the newer console pushing more complicated and detailed compositions,

I have made the below list of my top  favorite video game tracks of the 1990s, these is my personal top 5 not the objective "best" if you disagree with any of the entry's that's fine but and please feel free to create your own. The only two rules I have used for this list are firstly I must of played the games in question and that there is only one track allowed from each game. With that said lets kick it:

5. Streets of Rage 2 - 1st Level

Oh dear god this song is soooo good, it's an symph/electronica wet dream, it is a very repetitive track but it goes so well with the first level design of the gritty city streets. I have lot of fond memories of this game and this song always pumps me up to eat turkey and fist some slightly androgynous Mohawk thugs ;)

4. Hydrocity Zone Sonic 3

This song is one funky motherf*cker, this has to be the best Sonic tune of all time for me, the level is fantastic and the music is so vibrant and just hops all over the place. Oh and there is a fantastic mash up to then fresh price of bel air so you know double the awesome  

Below are the two best things in the world mixed :)

3. FF8 Balamb Garden

How I love this game seriously wow, the best FF game ever made (yeah that's right f*ck you FF7) this song may not sound anything special to most people but to me it was the calming theme during the first game that I felt truly immersed in. This song makes me think back to the hours I spent on FF8 and how I felt as a wide eyed kid first exploring this amazing beautiful world.

amazing acappella version  

2. MGS1 Theme tune

The first game that made me realise how good games can really be, I don't use the word epic much as it has been hugely devalued over the years but this song along with my number one truly deserve to be called epic. MGS is a huge, breathtaking game with fantastic characters and story that were simply unrivalled at the time and this song truly matches it's greatness.

1. Soul Blade into music

Ok I know most people reading this right now probably can't believe this is number one, to most people there are hundreds of songs better than this but hear me out. Soul blade was the first fighter I played that truly felt like a battle between varied fleshed out characters, it didn't feel like each character was the same but with different hair they all had different move sets, personalities and detailed back stories. I actually gave a shit about Sigreied and his f*cked up past unlike games like Tekken where characters feel extremely shallow. Because I gave a shit about the characters and the world when the theme tune came on with a fantastic FMV showcasing all the great personalities I was genuinely excited to pick up the controller and play.

Bonus Track: Guiles Theme Street Fighter 2

Because it brought us this:

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Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of yours favorite 90s
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