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Sexuality in Gaming (First Blog Post)

I wasn't planning to do my first blog on sexuality in gaming, I wanted to do a video review or a video feature as I enjoy these more than writing but this bioware gay planet story got me thinking about sexuality in games in general and I had to post this as my first albeit very brief blog post. Thanks for checking it out:

I would like to take on the lack of LGBT characters in gaming in general. It is appalling we get all this "mature games" "emotional games" crap however no retail game has tangled with sexuality/gender in any significant way, the vast majority of times the only mention is jokes poking fun at the LGBT community.

I myself am gay and feel there is barely any representation in mainstream games for LGBT
people, I'm not saying every game has to touch on these issues but when you consider the amount of games out there and yet none of them allow me to connect with a gay love story that might engage me.

The SIMS no words but still a better love story than Twilight

It really is amazing in this day and age with art, movies, tv and music all tackling the subject (slowly but it's a start) that video games barley consider it at all. Yes people will say it's about selling games and most people are cisgender and straight but I will point to successes in mainstream media like Glee, Brokeback Mountain and Milk that deal with LGBT issues.

Glee may not be my favourite show but at least it's not scared to have diverse characters.

I believe that the people running these game companies are for the majority white, cisgender, straight men who are scared of losing sales by scaring what they consider their target audience - white, cisgender, straight men. Have they ever thought that they would get more sales by including other groups of people in their games, that the percentage of people turned off by diverse characters and storylines may be replaced by those who are intrigued to play a game that may for once represent their feelings.

Why not give it a try instead of churning out the same old stale shit that eventually puts your company into the ground, why not try something different with your characters instead of the same formulae of one stereotypical manly man after the girl, why not have someone transitioning genders trying to find themselves whilst fighting for the man/woman they love, that is a game that sounds interesting to me and sounds like nothing I have played before, I would much rather play that game then the next Halo or Call of Duty.

Not a single game with an interesting take on a characters sexuality/gender and yet this guy gets four? really guys!

At the end of the day my sexuality does not define me however it is a big part of me, of how I feel and what I think so I don't think it is out of line for myself or other LGBT people to be aggravated by not being represented by a medium that we have grown up with and are extremely passionate about. Why can't we be inclusive, who is being harmed by it, if you see two men/women kissing or gender identity being dealt with how is that going to hurt you, every game I play has straight romance and heterosexual couples embracing yet I don't automatically throw up or destroy the disc through anger. There is room in video games for straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender issues, we can have them all so why limit ourselves, it is a huge waste and it is alienating a large group of people.

I could rant all day about this and I probably haven't worded this anywhere near as well as I could or as eloquently as other people can but I feel strongly about this subject and I felt like I had to post it.

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