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Wii update- New shop stuff..

Woke up this morn and checked up on the wii shop to be told to update and so i did...Then after some big ass loading time (I had a shower and my breakfast) it stil aint loaded.Eventually it did so i then proceeded to visit the shop.
The 1st main screen now has a slightly diferenct layout with four of the most recent games and 4 little news things at the bottom similar to the warp zone feature that was added.
When inside the shop the only new thing on the vc and wii software i now a "titles downloaded" next to the account activity. i checked out of curiousity and found updates for Nes Zelda and also Bomberman93 which th later downloaded with mario not even passing two thirds of the screen =O.
Inside the actual shop the games are now split basically into "popular titles" search by name, genre or developer, Which is a preety cool....*cough* the buttons on the channel are a lot bigger and also i like how the intro screen now shows 4 visable pictures of games unlike that "Lets show you 6 parallel pictures that you may only recognise colour from".
No notice of neogeo barring theres still a space for it as theres only 5 consoles. Ah well time will tell

And omg at the loading time tho =/ seeing as it wasnt really worth it
Oh yeah and the parental controls have been updated.They seemed the same but i beleive that 16+ may of been added...never really looked in there before.

Edit: Finished article and find ign's just put a post up like this, they also noticed the channel screen is diferent with a clock.I checked to find yes i completely didnt notice the new clock....which i see now is a hour back *changes*
Also system restart is faster which is always a good thing.
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