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Redwood Mountain: Passion of The Student

Let me tell you a story: I have The Flu. The actual one with all the terribleness that goes with it. However, I also had to do registration. This chance was my last one to study again. But...I have The Flu. So what happens when it's an ho...


Redwood Mountain: Underdog

I start college again for the third time this Friday. It's... nerve-wracking. My first attempt was my own fault. I thought I had everything under control, but it turns out I was in over my head. Then, I was given a second chance and was abl...


Redwood Mountain: Gotta Start Somewhere

So, this being a brand new year, I decided to make a resolution that is actually doable. I'm going to attempt to keep a semi-daily public journal, but not in the usual "Today I ate bacon cupcakes and they were delicious". kind of way. It's ...


Online Passes: What About Bob?

If there is a question that's being left out of the entire problem of online passes, it's this: What happens to people who rent games? My brother and I don't do any kind of online gaming. The reason why is that we don't have the time and...


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I am a college student that comes from a military background. That means that instead of fighting for my country and stabbing Nazi Commie Terrorists in the liver with my knife, I decided to master the English language and learn about American Literature.

As for gaming, I was born with a controller in my hand. I started out with the NES playing the Duck Hunt/ Super Mario combo pack cartridge and feel deeper into the rabbit hole of gaming. I'm a major fan of stealth games, RPG's of the West and the East, and suck at racing games (Damn you shift turns!!).