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The Way Of The Blade

Fighting Game Primer Entry #4 Atmosphere isnít something fighting games are known for, or at least not in the way that Super Metroid is. Sure, fighting games have intricate stages that make an immersive frame, but really, most of the ti...


Eternally Retold

Fighting Game Primer Entry #3 One glance drew you in. It didnít matter what preference you had in games, or if you liked fighting games; As soon as you looked at it, you were putting a quarter in the machine. Soulcalibur dropped jaws, so...


Graveyard Smash

Fighting Game Primer Entry #2 Ever so rarely, thereís a game out there, that when you get down to it, in form and function, gets everything right that it set out to do. Vampire Savior, is one of those games. It may of not been appar...


The Fireball Heard Around The World

Fighting Game Primer Entry #1 Well, I bet you didnít expect to see this one! In gaming culture, the general consensus is that Street Fighter II is the fighting game. People often call it this because of itís ďinnovative gameplay, beauti...


Fighting Game Primer Intro

I love fighting games. Love them. If I had to give up playing all other genres of video games, just to keep playing fighting games, I wouldnít think twice. So, okay, unhealthy addiction aside, what keeps me going back to them? As pret...


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