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About Donutsone of us since 4:41 PM on 12.05.2011

I'm just a simple gamer when you get down to it, as long as it is fun I will enjoy it. I'm the type of person that plays lots of games at one time and if I really enjoy it, I'll stretch the game's duration over a much longer period of time. Example being my unfinished MGS4 vs my single night of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (someone seriously needs to make that title shorter)

I didn't seriously get into gaming until the recent 3-4 years but I've been playing various games since I was young. If you have to ask me, my favorites would have to be the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Devil May Cry 3, GTA: Vice City, the Pokemon series (I still can't seem to drop it), Mirror's Edge and Portal 2. Yep yep, I listed six instead of five, there's no way I couldn't mention ME and Portal when I thought about it.

But, there are still a ton of games I haven't played yet, many that I would love to play and a lot that I just simply haven't heard of yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to send me a message wherever you see me, I'll most likely check it out. Most likely because I can't stand any parasitic looking monsters or giant spiders, they just make my skin crawl.

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or anything else I'm in the mood for