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Game Development: Making Trailers, maps and gameplay


Hello all and welcome to the weekly Zazmo Update!

Let’s get rolling shall we? We have a bunch of things to show you and it starts with the newest trailer for the Zazmo Arcade Pack! Check it out!

New Zazmo Trailer!

Curious about how the game looks in action? Well, we also have gameplay snippets from our games included along with THE DEVS TALKING! You know you’re curious. Check out the Thursday Night Twitch Stream here!

This week

A lot of this week has been about improving the various gameplay experiences in Zazmo. We added tunes to the Last Stand controls and touched-up the overall gameplay. Did you know we added in asteroids to spice things up? Yep, check it out!

There is a more control work to be done with the ships in this one. Personally, I think they are coming along well but I’d love to see a little more responsiveness in the turns. That’s on the table at the moment and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Tank Wars!

As we spoke about before, we have shootable bullets in Tank Wars now. It’s a really fun option and we have been playing around with it. Creates a lot of fun experiences and player options during battle. It looks like we are maxxed out on Tank Wars options. Haha. We’d really love to add more but we have to keep all the games on a somewhat even keel as we go forward. Still – Tank Wars is one of my (Tim) personal favs of the batch.

Tank Wars Maps - some map samples

Mazard Map Samples

We have some maps to show you for Mazard as well! Been playing a lot of Mazard and it’s hard to pick which one is my fav. They all have some great stuff in them!

More to come and talk with you soon. Please join us for the live streams on Monday and Thursday! We play games and give away keys to viewers. We would love to see you there and answer question if you have any!

Thank you again and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Zazmo Arcade Pack Info Roundup
Twitch Channel - Monday Thursday Dev Streams at 6pm CST Donley Time Twitch
Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/770320/Zazmo_Arcade_Pack
Please wishlist us on the Steam Store if you would be so kind!

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