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To all our US friends - Happy thanksgiving! Also, check out our Boss 101 playthrough by The%20 on Twitch. Link here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/203481101


Remember to live your dreams people! No one else can do it for you!


Adventure, make friends and remember to live your dreams! You can make it happen!


Boss 101 Playthroughs by our friends! Here we have Retromation, with another set of AWESOME Boss 101 action packed playthroughs and great commentary! Check them out if you have a moment!


Boss 101 Fan art by Joe Madureira - Our old friend Joe Madureira did a spiffy rendition of Steve and Max in action! YEAH baby! Thank you for your support and we appreciate you!!!


WIZOW! We ship Boss 101 in Two days! Thank you Destructoid friends and fans for your support! Don't forget we have you covered in Boss 101 with a cool Destructoid hat you can wear ingame!


It's almost time for Boss 101's release! Six days and counting down! So excited to get our game to you. Thank you again for all the support from our friends and fans here at Destructoid!


Boss 101 releases in NINE days. What a JOURNEY and thank you for joining us as we chronicled our development here on Destructoid! We appreciate all your support!


Boss 101 Screenshot - 10 years ago Joshua made a tank game for fun. This year we added a souped up version of it into the Boss 101 arcade machine FOR YOU TO ENJOY! YEAH BABY!


Boss 101, bringing some gifts to ROB after your adventures! He loves gifts! Don't forget we are launching on November 2nd! YAY!


Boss 101: Screenshot, Here comes the boom! Coming soon and Thank you for all your support during development!


Boss 101 Screenshot - We continue with small updates to the UI based on YOUR Beta feedback. Check out this hat store update! A bunch of little touches to make it easier to read and understand.


Boss 101 Screenshot - Checking out the Command Center UI tweaks, added a new elevator button in the main room.


Boss 101 Screenshot - Gameception! Play games inside games with Boss 101. Here's some arcade action with MAZARD! It's you versus the wizard of the maze and his demons.


2017.09.26 Boss 101 Screenshot BERL Tutorials. Come on, You want BERL to help you right?


2017.09.21 Boss 101 Screenshot Boss Blasting - Be careful. You might not want to bring a Level 1 shotgun to a Level 29 boss fight!


2017.09.19 Boss 101 Pirate Time Screenshot, dress like a pirate and fight a pirate boss! YES!


Boss 101 Screenshot - The Boss himself visits the Command Center. Can he go anywhere he wants? Come on now!


Boss 101 Screenshot - Taking out the trash in Boss 101. Use that Garbage Bin hat with its trash bag bullets!


Boss 101 Screenshot - Fight bosses while whales watch! Also, you can dress like a clown if you like!


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This is Tim and have been making games for a long time. I'm working on a new one called Boss 101 and I am lucky enough to have some amazing people working with me. Boss 101 is the product of a ton love, dedication and passion. I know that gets said about a lot of games but we are putting in the time to make things the best we can. In the end our games are YOUR games.

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