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2018.04.23 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update 4/23

Welcome to the Zazmo Arcade Pack Weekly updateGeneral NewsNot a whole lot to report. We had a busy week with game submission BUT we do want to add we are prepping for our Xbox One console release as well we our upcoming Steam release. ...


2018.04.15 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update

Welcome to the weekly Zazmo Weekend update! Let’s get rolling with the news and then share some of the latest development videos. Boss 101 and ZazmoThough this is not a Boss 101 update we do need to talk a little about ...


2018.04.01 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to the latest Zazmo update and game development summary for this week. Most of the news this week was things like tuning and powerup adjustments. We did a few game nights and you can check out the videos below.&n...


2018.03.25 Game Dev Video Updates

Hello and welcome to the latest Zazmo Arcade Pack update!As you might remember we are working on making our updates a little jazzier and to that end we are now recording videos twice a week to track the game’s progress. Let&rsquo...


Game Development: Our latest journey!

Welcome to the latest ZAP update and thank you for joining us!A lot of show and some tell for you this week so let’s get rolling!Controllers and support for keyboardYes, we have it! Check out the latest, we have keyboard configur...


Game Development: Five Games in ONE!

Hello and welcome to the weekly Zazmo Arcade Development UpdateLet’s start with a refresher – you get FIVE games for one price with the Zazmo arcade. Yep, FIVE games and each has multiple gameplay options for you to enjoy. ...


Game Development: World Building our Fun!

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update!Tuning, polish and everything elseWe’re still in it folks. Bringing you our best as quick as we can. This week saw a lot of final weapon balancing along with a bit of dialog adjustm...


Game Development: Tuning nearly 300 Hats

Welcome to the Boss 101 development update and we hope you are doing awesome!Tuning and polish CONTINUED!As you know we are winding down the project and the last things on the list besides bug fixing are the tuning and polish for the g...


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