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Stories from Heatsig #1: Dorado Boresteel


I enjoyed my first character in Tom Francis' new game Heat Signature, and wanted to write his story. Didn't know where to post it, but figured here is as good a place as any. So here it is...

The story of Dorado Boresteel

Some a-hole had murdered my wife. I was gonna bring him in.


Now, I'm a good man. I want to keep my hands clean. Otherwise I'm no better than that monster. I'll try my best to not go down that road. In fact, I've taken multiple assassination missions, yet I always brought the target back alive. Figure whoever hired me is capable of taking it from there. Might even enjoy it.


Actually, I've brought back more than just the target. I've sort of come to be known for my MO...When I take a mission, I leave in my pod to do whatever it is I'm being paid to do. But when I return, I don't come back in my pod. I come back in the ship I was sent to. Just makes it easier, y'know? I can just set an autopilot, kick my feet up, and relax.


Anyway, after taking some odd jobs here and there, the time has finally come...I’ve gathered enough coin and info. It’s time to take him down...Asli Costello...


As I fly over to the ship he's currently on, my mind is racing. What did I get myself I even prepared for it?


I've got a wrench, a couple knockout guns, and a visitor, swapper, and subverter with 3 charges each. And last but not least, my trusty shield. I've had this since I started this journey, but thankfully I haven't needed to use it yet. Have a feeling that's gonna change, though. Of all the missions I've taken, I don't think any have properly prepared me for what I'm walking into.


I finally reach the ship, and dock my pod in the airlock. I take a glance around at the guards. Looks like a lot of them have shields. Mostly emergency ones, which I can at least deal with, but the ones with the keys...they've got them all the time. Now, I'm sure you're thinking that the mission briefing shoulda told me that. Well, maybe I wasn't in my right mind at the time. Maybe I was so full of rage that I didn't really read it. Whatever the case, this is gonna get interesting. There are five keys on this ship, and I've only got 3 subverter shots...and that's not even counting the target, who's also shielded...Now I've never been the best at math, but I don't think this equation works out in my favor.


Oh, and did I mention the turrets? Because yeah, there's those too. And I've got no way to shut them down.


I forego formulating a full plan, and just start to take out a couple guards that wander off on their own to thin the heard, make it easier to work with. That is, until someone spots me. I wasn't quick enough, and now they've sounded an alert. Dang. I've barely started making my way through this ship, and my timeline just plummeted. I've now only got about 90 seconds to traverse this ship, knock out my target, and drag him all the way back to my pod. 90 seconds might've been enough for the usual mission I've been on, but this is one I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do at all in the first place...My chances are not looking very good.


But I'm determined. I'm not gonna let this guy get away with what he did. I will take him down, or I’ll die trying.


My mind starts racing to figure out a plan. I do a quick scan of the doors on the ship, trying to see if there's any path I can take to this guy that doesn't require getting all five of these keycards. It doesn't look too promising. Looks like I'll need at least 2, 3, and 4 just to get to him. I’ve already used one of my subverter charges to take #1, so I’ve only got two shots left. Oh, and did I mention that he's got a shield as well? Because of course he does. So that means one less subverter I can use. Great.


I don't have much of a shot, but I've gotta try. After a brief look, I notice one thing that might be the key to this whole mission: A #2 panel. That means I can open all the #2 doors without wasting a subverter. It’s a start. I swap with the guy manning the panel at the moment, and hit it. Okay, now what…


I make my way through a few more rooms, getting as close as I can to the #3 guard. I run past another room full of guards to get close enough to swap with one of the guys in his room. Thankfully that just leaves one more guy with him. I quickly knock him out with a concussive shot, subvert the key guard, and brain him with my wrench. #3 key is now mine.


But the guards in the next room heard the shot, and three of them are moving in on my position. I need to act fast. I dash out the same door they’re coming towards, and quickly dart around a wall before they can spot me.That was too close. I continue through the next few rooms, knocking out another guard on the way.


Alright. I've gotten about as close as I can to my target, but there's still two #4 doors between me and my target, and I don't have the key...I think quickly...I can’t use a swapper, or I’ve got no way back...


The visitor. Maybe I could use that, knock him out, pick him up, and return before anyone has a chance to take me out. Sounds like a solid enough plan, given the circumstances, and I'm a little short on time. Here we go.


I use the visitor, and pop into the room with my target. Of course, there's three other guards in there as well, all with emergency shields, so I've gotta take them down quick.


I take aim at two of them close together and blast my concussive shotgun. Unfortunately, i only manage to hit one. No time to worry about that right now, though. I subvert the target’s shield, pop him with a concussive round from my pistol, and smack the guard next to him with my trusty wrench. Unfortunately, that one guard is still standing, and I’m out of weapons...his shield kicks on.


My first priority is to get my target. Then I can worry about the guard. In the heat of the moment, I pick up the wrong guy....I toss him to the ground, and reach for the real target. Now I just need to survive until the visitor kicks back in. I start to run out of the room, but the guard takes a shot.


It narrowly misses. I continue to run.


The visitor kicks in. I teleport out of the room. I did it. Now I just have to get back to my capsule.


Except there's one problem...the guy I was carrying? Apparently he didn't come with. He's still back on his side of the doors. Crap.


For a second, my heart sinks. That's it. Game over. If I can't get through those doors and back with him, there's nothing I can do.


But then, I look down. In my hand is a card key, the one I need to open the doors I previously couldn't. He must've had it on him when I picked him up, and I just instinctively took it. Maybe this isn't over yet.


The problem is,everyone heard those gunshots. There’s now no less than six guards converging on the location of his unconscious body. Oh, and a turret. This is gonna get dicey.


But then I remember: The shield. The one that's been with me through this whole journey...almost forgotten, but always there, just in case. Just in case things had gone south...just in case...something like this happened.


I grab the shield and charge towards the door, knowing what waits on the other side. I burst through, facing the shielded guards. I activate the shield. I rush in, pick up the target, and head back, all the guards firing on me.


I manage to stay just far enough ahead. I sprint back through the ship to my pod. Just when I’m nearing the end, a guard notices me from down the hall. He takes a shot. I just manage to get through a doorway, allowing the door to block the shot. I keep running. Only a bit farther. Only one more guard to get past.


And finally, I make it. I'm back in the safety of my pod, target in hand. I'm making my way back home. I breath a sigh of relief. It's done. Everything I'd worked for is done. The murderer who took out my wife is captured, and is going to be brought to justice. And I did all of it without becoming like him. Without bloodying my hands. And most importantly, without getting bloodied myself.


There's more work to be done in this galaxy, but that's someone else's job now...I wasn't in this for the money...for the glory...for the thrill...heck, I wasn't even in this for the 'good of mankind' or some crap like that. I was in this to get justice for my wife. And I did. So now I'm gonna head to the bar and get a stiff drink. Maybe I’ll hang around a bit. Those defectors seem to like me. But I think I’ve done enough work for one lifetime.


Here's a video of the mission:

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