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Intro Part 2 -- electric boogaloo

because HERE, we breakdance to save the community from whitey.

Part 1 began in the forums. since i'm not a big fan of repetition today, feel free to go here to find out things like name and primary interests--though honestly, if you're looking at this, you probably got my name, and my presence on this website should give some broad strokes as to what i'm into. (if you had to cheat & look at the forum, it's okay...we'll let it slide this time).

so, other things i like (in no particular order):

1) FASHION. i like to wear nice, well-fitted clothes. i like to be presentably groomed. i like to keep myself in good shape. my wife is pretty sure i'm the gayest straight guy she knows. i'm self-conscious enough to be somewhat embarassed at this assessment, yet egotistical enough to behave sufficiently to maintain it. the only thing stopping from spending a million bucks to look a million bucks? (hint--see "primary interest")

2) LITERATURE. i earned an english degree in college due to me discovering an abiding love for the expression possible in the written word. i'm primarily a prose man. personal favorites are everything a growing boy needs--melville, kafka, dostoyevksi, faulkner...shakespeare, homer, goethe, joyce...cormac mccarthy...

3) COMICS. back in the day (read high school & the 90's), i got into marvel comics stuff like x-men and punisher. after a particularly enjoyable story arc that ended in an apparent character death, my brother & i promised to stop collecting if said character ever came back. silly rabbits--who ever stays dead in comics? so now i don't collect em...i just read em. i like DC comics, and LOVE stuff by grant morrison (it takes effort to get a handle on, but it's immensely rewarding...plus he seems to think like i do).

4) MUSIC. i love honest, sincere, well-crafted music of all kinds. my collection primarily reflects a loooong love affair with industrial/noise/experimental breakbeat music (a love that will probably ever go away). you can also find little bits of everything from johnny cash (the man i want to be when i grow up) to radiohead (like kafka, but to music) to kylie minogue (she's a sexy tramp who writes pretty gay music. see #1 for why this is good).

... ...

... ...

are you still here? i'm impressed. unfortunately for you, your patience for reading is now neck & neck with my patience for writing. i salute you for your fortitude.

here, have a piece of ca--ldakruadLKAUDRUADRLVME......<zzzzzzzKKKTtttt>
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