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Rolling with the Punches

I'm an obsessive, which I why I love PC games. Not only do PC games tend to have better loot and inventory systems to appease my inner packrat, they also allow for frequent game saving in a way that consoles, to my knowledge, have yet to e...


On Relationships and Games

It was cute at first, all these tales of love triumphing over the great fear of games. Unsuspecting young women wooed by the siren song of Rock Band or Peggle or whatever the casual game du jour happened to be. Then it got kind of tired, ...


A Time to Build: Starcraft Mods

I was just starting to grow out of children's games about the time that Starcraft came out, and my first experiences with it were mind-blowing. There were so many things to build and manage and blow up, it was like my eyes had finally been...


Dead Space Contest

As if the Dead Space team hadn't produced enough preview content fleshing out the world of the game, they've now got a contest going with a new storyline to explore. The top 100 scorers in the contest will win a copy of the game, although ...


Branching Plot Lines: for better or worse

I like the idea of branching storylines in games. I see it as an impressive advance in storytelling, a means of increasing player immersion by allowing them to impose their own choices on the game world and watch it change to reflect those...


If You Love It, Change It: MechCommander 2

The BattleTech games don't get a lot of press these days, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with fond memories of the franchise. In particular, I've got a lot of love for MechWarrior 4 and its RTS sibling, MechCommander 2. These games h...


Godspeed, Arthur C. Clarke

He was a visionary and an actor, able to both see the future and shape it. He used narrative as a tool to open our eyes to the possibilities open to us, and has inspired countless numbers to respect the power and possibility inherent in ou...


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