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Turning Point Demo Up on XBL: Codemasters Officially Insane

People, do not download the Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo that just went up on Xbox Live. If you do, you will find only the horrific precursor to what is sure to be, and this is no exaggeration, the worst game the Xbox 360 will ever see. I have no fucking idea why Codemasters would ever actually create a demo, and show people what a massive piece of shit the game is. Anyone who plays it will most definitely never, ever look upon it again, much less buy it. Some of the problems:

-the game uses the Unreal 3 engine, at least according to the logo when it boots up. How the helll you would ever realize this without the logo is beyond me. This game is oh so ugly. So very, very ugly. This would be a shitty looking PS2 game.

-the game's story and premise is introduced not with a cutscene, but with a 10 second blurb of text on a black background.

-you are some random ass construction worker (I know this only because you start out in a construction site, there's no actual spoken dialogue), and yet the Nazis have decided to send waves and waves of enemies after you for no apparent reason.

-you walk with all the speed of a crippled zombie. Until you activate sprint mode, of course, in which you move at almost 1.3 times your normal speed! (Seriously, I didn't realize I was actually sprinting until like the third time I did it).

-hot shit it's ugly!

That's all I got. My limited vocabulary combined with sleep depravation can't do justice to how bad this game is. Truly, the Hour of Victory and Turok demos were masterpieces compared to this.

Oh well, at least my fre Undertow download is sweet!
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