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Next gen SSX on the way?

Was listening to a recent Podcast over on another blog/network (1up) and they were discussing Tony Hawks board controller. One of the guys chimes in with; "Well I'm sure you will be able to use it with the new SSX game.) !!!! 3 minutes l...


RROD: 3 and a half years from launch.

Don't know why I was so lucky. I bought my Xbox 360 at launch in the Uk and as all around me were having problems I have had none. No lock ups, glitches or anything. Then today 5 hours after I switched of my Xbox it Red Ringed. Gutted. Off ...


Miyamoto video interview.

Taken from the BBC. It is quite broad, as aimed at the non gamer but they do ask him about Microsoft and Sony in regatds to motion control post E3. Enjoy.


Is it just me #2: I don't want to go Home!!!

I own all 3 of the current consoles. Why wouldn't I. I have/had the cash and as a discerning gamer utterley bemused by all the fanboy bullshit I hooked myself up. Although owning them all brings its own problems.... Basically, I have had a...


Is it just me #1

It may just be me, certainly no-one else seems to have made the parallel but doesn't Killzone 2 just smack of Quake 2. It's as if Guerilla have taken Quake and updated it for the next generation. Far more so than any of the other big FPS s...


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