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Time Fcuk released, + new Super Meat Boy, Winterbottom, & Marian trailers


Time Fukc was finally released a little while ago. If you're not familiar with it, it's a product of the Power of Three competition over at Newgrounds. The whole point of the competition was for people to form a group of three and create a game. Edmund McMillen(Super Meat Boy, Twin Hobo Rocket, Gish), William Good, and Justin Karpel formed their 3-man team and made Time Fkcu. It's a puzzle platformer that has you shifting the stage's perspective with inversion while trying to reach the portal in each level. While this concept is nothing new, it's coupled with a very odd story where yourself from 20 minutes in the future forces you into a box because your existence depends on it. Despite the person forcing you to do these things is yourself, you can be quite the insulting and manipulative prick.

Unfortunately, there are some bugs that need to be worked out, as many people are reporting issues with the game. I myself couldn't progress further after stage 5 or so because once I completed it, the game would just display a blank white screen and there's nothing I could do to prevent it. Even so, it's a worthy effort to check out, especially if your a fan of Edmund McMillen since his quirkiness definitely shines through in Time Fkcu.

There's also a map editor available, and a search function so you can play through other people's user submitted levels. Despite the game only being three hours old or so, there are quite a number of user-created levels you can wade through. Currently, the only problem I see with the map editor is that you need a Newgrounds account to use it... and I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

Play Time Fcuk

Also worthy to note; quite a few indie game trailers were released today. The first off is a trailer for Super Meat Boy, which I'm sure needs no introduction here at Destructoid. Team Meat(Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, John McEntee) released a new trailer for their upcoming WiiWare title which shows off some of the gameplay. Thoroughly loved the original, so I'm really looking forward to Team Meat's(mainly Edmunds!) debut on the Wii.

Next up is a new trailer for PB Winterbottom, which is another title many people here at Dtoid are looking forward to(mainly Reverend Anthony and Ashley Davis). This particular trailer gives you some info on Winterbottom, as well as some gameplay footage. Been following this one for an eternity, can't wait for it's XBLA release!

Last, but certainly not least, is this criminally short teaser for Infinite Ammo's upcoming(but still in very early stages) Marian. For those not in the know, Infinite Ammo is a game studio headed by Alec Holowka, which some of you might know him as 1/2 of the Bit-Blot team(along with Derek Yu) responsible for Aquaria. Marian might also strike familiarity with you from some beautiful concept art that was shown to the public earlier in the year(which you can view below).

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything about this game. Alec today said that Marian will be very difficult and expensive to create, but it's a project he cares about more than any other other he has ever worked on, and is quite adamant on seeing through to it's completion for the world to experience. I gotta say, i admire the man's passion. If you'd like to help him out, you can donate to his studio. Any bit can help here folks, but a donation of ten dollars or more will get your name on a "Friends of Marian" list on the credits of the final game.

Marian is best described in one of Play magazines "Girls of Gaming" issues: “Marian is a beautifully carved marionette who rips her strings from the grasp of ‘The Narrator’ and becomes her own master. Caught in the dream world between life and death, she uses her own puppet handle as a weapon and replaces her limbs with a variety of tools in her quest to discover her true identity – and maybe even true love.”

Sounds like the makings of a great game. Keep your eye on the Infinte Ammo blog so you don't miss out on any info about Marian!

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