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Edmund McMillen needs your <3 and $

Edmund McMillen, the man who has brought some of the best games the indie scene has ever seen, needs some help. You see, he's recovering from some gall bladder explosion or something in a hospital at this very minute! The problem? The bro has no health insurance :sadface:. I too am a male with out health insurance! It kind of sucks... well. It really fucking sucks. I had to make a choice earlier in the year between getting a desperately needed nasal polyps surgery done or pay my college tuition. Guess which one I picked?

Anyways, you're probably thinking, "Why should I help this guy out? He only makes the vidya!" Well, I can understand that. Times is tough right? Why should you give something just out of the good of your heart? Well, there's a solution for your selfishness. You can head over to Edmund's website and buy a copy of his A Cry For Help artist CD. I actually own two copies of this thing for a reason I can't really explain, but it's an awesome CD! It's practically his artist portfolio put onto this circular data storage unit. Including more then 17 of Edmund's games, over 15 of his comics, 4 sketch books, and there's even a short movie thrown on there! You get all this for 10 bucks. It's worth it, trust me.

So what are you waiting for? Go and help Edmund's poor indie soul and send him your <3's and $'s now!

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