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Gotta love voice recognition software

What happens when you're trying to test voice recognition when two other jerks are standing in the room talking loudly to you. "Hi Matthew are you today are you still as annoying as you were yesterday died really smells bad select died and...


Drawback of unique online identities

My online alias is used for pretty much everything I do, or at least every game related website I need to register for. My alias is 99% unique on the internet so you will never find another Diomeneus out there that isn't me. The reason for ...


Community Diggtoids

Now I can understand that not everybody here visits digg... but what i would like to see when I search through the community blogs is not links to front page digg articles but original and meaningful content. The same thing goes for reitera...


First Blog

Yeah so I don't expect to be posting much to my blog seeing as I lack any real news or additional input on most things past a comment. But I did make myself a little Robot outfit (only have pictures of the helmet) and wore it to work in the...


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Favourite game: Final Fantasy Tactics (Playstation)
Fanboy class: Microsoft with a side of Nintendo (but I open minded to superior brands when the evidence is there)
Stuff like that:
I am pretty much a massive sucker for tabletop collectible games. I can't afford to get into warhammer but make up for it in star wars miniatures.
Avid fan of almost all gaming genres, most notably the big three (FPS, RPG, RTS in that order too).