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A Call to Artificial Arms

Take a quick look around your room. What do you see? Besides your furniture, consoles, games, and television you may notice a plethora of game controllers. How about a dusty Wii Zapper? Perhaps a couple bulky plastic guitars? A cumb...


Now You’re Playing with Power Metal

For many years I’ve been an appreciator of video game music. From the bleeps and bloops of Sonic and Mario to the symphonic glory of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, I’ve always known there is something special about game music. Alon...


Power Trip #6: Braid

This week’s power-up comes from a very unlikely protagonist. He’s as subtly gifted as he is short. The abilities he possesses aid him in warping the very fabric of reality to his beck and call. No pesky keys or trick ladders will stop ...


Power Trip #5: Metal Gear Solid

In what many call the first cinematic video game experience, Metal Gear Solid truly sets the mold for immersive gaming experiences to come. Combining an involved plot with white knuckles stealth action, you were truly made to feel like a...


Burying the Axe

The rhythm game genre is one that has been around for a long time. It existed in the forms of PaRappa the Rappa, Guitaroo Man, and Dance Dance Revolution long before anyone knew who Harmonix was. However, unless you were willing to impor...


Power Trip #4: Mega Man 3

In the early days of video games the number of ‘bits’ may have been low, but the challenge was high. Trial and error, twitch reflexes, and memorization were all necessary skills for conquering any cartridge. However, even the most punis...


Review: Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

What’s worse than being buried behind stacks of dirty dishes for less than minimum wage and no respect? Try having your heart ripped out, being systematically hunted by zombie cyborg assassins, and your sister willfully becoming one of t...


Power Trip #3: Guitar Hero

For this week’s Power Trip, I explore Guitar Hero in spirit of Guitar Hero: Metallica’s release this week. The first installment in the Guitar Hero series introduced the most powerful mind controlling technique in gaming since Psycho Man...


Previously, on...

If you’re anything like me you not only love playing games, but you also like completing them. After plugging hours of sleepless nights into an RPG or action game, it’s incredibly satisfying to bask in the soft glow of your television as ...


Power Trip#2: Resident Evil 2

In this week’s edition of Power Trip, I explore Resident Evil 2 just in time for Resident Evil 5’s upcoming release. Resident Evil may seem an obscure place to find an item that could power up the protagonist the level of near god hood, ...


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