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Dim's Film: Analysis of Rebound [NVGR]

In my last blog, which I posted approximately three seconds ago, I posted all three parts of my film Rebound which I wrote in mid-July at the very beginning of the Summer Holidays and started filming soon after I got back to school. The f...


Dim's Film: Rebound (Finished) [NVGR]

Rebound is the story of a boy, Edward, dealing with the break-up from his lying, cheating ex-girlfriend who broke his heart and left him in a state of severe depression. After nine months living as a shell of his former self, he meets a new...


Dim's Script: Rebound [NVGR]

I started making films in 2005, then gave up. I started making very short animations based on video games using 3D flash animator to create GIF files, then editing them together to make the animation. In 2006, I started making films again. ...


Dim's Impressions: Final Fantasy X (Second Take)

I first played Final Fantasy X two years ago, and while I try to be as positive as I can be in life, I always end up complaining about the game. Lack of detail in the NPCs, bad lip-syncing, sometimes poor voice acting, linear world map etc....


Dim's Rants: The Ignorance of Games Jouranlists

I'm a mild-mannered person. I rarely get angry. But there is one thing in this world that makes me more angry than anything and that is ignorance. While at home, I am usually in a constant state of looking for podcasts to listen to while pl...


Dim's Impressions: Killzone 2

I mentioned in my introduction blog that I had been borrowing Killzone 2 and Need for Speed: Undercover for about a month from a friend, yet had not started playing either of them. After a long session full of drawing magic in Final Fantasy...


Dim's Introduction and Set Up

Hey. My name is Dim. That's me there, on the left. I've been gaming as long as I can remember, since I was 3 years old, have been following the industry in some way shape or form since I was 9 and have been seriously collecting/following...


About DimXD2077one of us since 9:33 AM on 08.18.2009

My name is Dim, I'm 14 and I have been playing video games since I was 3, following the industry in some way shape or form since I was 9 and have been seriously trying to buy/play/collect everything for the past year or two.

While I do try and play everything from all genres, my favourite genres are RPGs and Action Adventure games. My favourite three franchises are Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon.

My other interests include manga, anime, film, television (such as Buffy and Lost) and, to some extent, music.

I love to draw fan art in my free time and make amateur films which I upload to Youtube.

Oh, and I have a little blog over at Japanator too.