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Wii Firmware update included with Karaoke Revolution???

So I popped in the brand new Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore today, and nothing happened. It was not showing the game loaded on the disc channel so I popped it out to make sure I didn't load it backwards (you know you've done it too). I pop it back in and the discs on-screen start to spin... Then it asks me if "I Accept" the system update it was about to perform. What update? It loaded fairly quickly and then my Wii restarted. Now I can play the game.

Great. My wife and I sang for several hours. I went back to check my new firmware version.

Ver. 3.1U Maybe it's just me, but isn't that what I was running before? I've searched through all my menus and channels, and I can't find anything different than before. It's driving me nuts.

What happened?
Are they other games out there doing this?
Is this part of some strange conspiracy from Konami / Nintendo? Will the Rock Band microphone work now?

So Many Questions...
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