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The Money Sink

So i've got a big suprise for you. I was thinking recently about videogames. Radical concept on this website, but bear with me. What came to mind was the stuff that i will probably never but would love to own (for various reasons, be it r...


Proof Positive

So i beat the first act of Doom on XBLA the other day. Keep in mind that this wasn't the first time i had done so; Doom's been out since the early 90s. This was the first time that I picked it up for any length of time since then, and I w...


Hailing an Arcade Cab

So about a half a year ago, i helped out a buddy with some college work. Took up a lot of my time and effort, and i would have been perfectly happy to do it with little compensation for reasons I wont get into. Anyway, this friend of mine...


GTA IV Black Armband

I have been awarded a dubious title among my friends. This title is well deserved and hilarious, but not entirely true. This title is "King of Stupid Death in GTA", earned for dying in the most amusing and painful ways imagined. There hav...


End of the WoW

So i was sitting here, thinking about what gear i'm going to waste hours upon hours i'll never get back when my Rogue dings 70 in WoW when it hit me. How interested am i in the endgame of World of Warcraft? From everything i've been told, ...


lol dickey!

Oh shit. Another CBlargh. Whatever is the world to do? Also, why the hell should you read my blog over any others? Cause. I post funny pics. Also... My ability to expound endlessly on subjects such as n00bs and the pwning thereof, and ...


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