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Destructoid? Biased? F*** y'all, then

Really, I'm starting to get sick of seeing people saying that we're giving games a 10/10 just because they sponsor us. This is especially after reading some of the comments in Orcist's Mass Effect post.

Really, it's sad that some people think that Destructoid would be swayed by money. We don't see any of that money that comes from the banners. That only pays for travel to events and server costs. With BioShock, Aaron paid for his own copy of the game. You would think that 2K would at least send us a copy if we were going to give it a boosted score. I mean, hell, it's not like every other site hasn't.

Pulling out the GoW: Betrayal banner as a punch on us? I'm sorry, but that's paying for a PS3 for us to FUCKING GIVE TO YOU! We as writers don't give two shits who puts ads on our site. I don't care if Ubisoft sponsored us with Horsez 2. We'd still give it a shit review. I mean, c'mon, we're not IGN.
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