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Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite - What is your Opinion?


As Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite's release date was nigh, people were excited. After waiting so long for a new MVC game (Or just Marvel vs. in general), this was a surprise. Once the game was out, people got their wallets and spent, spent and spent. They were like "oh wow!", "This is better than MVC 3" and "A fresh start to the MVC series". But one month prior to the release, the fun became boredom. Everyone thought that this was a downfall.

MVCIGot some sick Alts though...

Anyway, MVCI is not exactly a downfall; it was an "L" definitely. In my opinion, I think the game could have been a lot better. The game was an attempt to make a Marvel vs. game without X-Men and was successful no it was "OK". So guys, tell me - What do you think of Infinite? Do you think it could have been better? Or was it arcade perfect?

Please, guys I just wanna know if i'm the only one that has an opinion. I won't judge anyone on their opinions.

- Be careful what you post! "Just because you get a second chance, don't be expecting a third."

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