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Fighting Games: Do Tiers really matter?


Hey guys! 

I have a question for all of you. Please be honest.

Do you think tiers really matter? Are actually important to play effectively? Or do they just get in the way? 

Some people depict tiers to be very confusing and some people view them and are like "what the hell? That's not true!" Just look at Street Fighter Alpha 3, there are so many tiers lists!

What? E. Honda is bottom?

Honestly, I think tiers don't matter(in some cases). In games like Street Fighter, you can win with a bottom tier character(like Sean in SF3 perhaps?); as a matter of fact, the balance in Street Fighter III is so off, there are so many different tier opinions it ridiculous! But even with that, people still proceed to play low-bottom tier characters and win. So are they really important?

I mean, just look at Guilty Gear and Blazblue! Some characters like "A.B.A, Bullet, and Kagura" can still kick butt(They still don't stand a chance against Justice or Nine). So tiers really don't matter, do they? I honestly think it depends on the game though.

So tell me guys, what is your opinion on tiers? Are they just a distraction?

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