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Introducing: DS Thursdays


So, a few days ago I asked if there would be interest in bringing the DS into the mix for Friday Night Fights. The general consensus that I got was that people would be up for playing some DS online, but they wouldn't want it to take the place of their 360/PS3/PC online get-togethers on Fridays. And then, considering there's already TF Tuesdays and Wednesday Night Warcawks, I figured for the DS, we'd take on Thursdays.

It also seems fitting that the day before shooting each others' faces off, we take some time to mentally prepare by playing more lighthearted games. Or whatever.

I tried coming up with a clever name, but the best I could do was THURDSAYS, and frankly, that sounds kind of awkward so if you people don't like it, and you can't come up with anything better, I'm going to go ahead and give it the generic name of DS Thursdays.

Now, we're eventually going to have to exchange Friend Codes, but I would refrain from doing it here, because there's no telling if you'll actually be on, and if so, when you'll be online with them. So what I think we ought to do is go into Destructoid's Ventrilo server, in the DS section. Ventrilo seems like a better fit than IRC, since it'll allow us to voice chat during the games rather than just text chatting between games.

In case you need information on Ventrilo, check out the forum thread entitled Ventrilo server information. I am pretty sure the information there is still valid.

So, once on Ventrilo and in the DS room, put your Friend Code in your comments so it shows up next to your name, and we'll set up some games. We could really play anything, but I think this week we'll be highlighting Mario Kart DS, so if you want to get in on the Mario Kart action, be sure to show up this Thursday.

And that leaves the last order of business. When should we meet on Vent? This is still a work in progress, so we can change it depending on the needs of the community. For now, how about 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern, just like Friday Night Fights, except the day before.

So, to make an unnecessarily long story short: you, me, whoever else, this Thursday, Ventrilo, DS section, 7:00 PM Pacific, Mario Kart DS. Be there.
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