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Gaming's guilty pleasures: shotguns


As mentioned above, I am not the most dexterous (irony) when it comes to the dual analog setup, and I'm even worse with a mouse and keyboard. However, the Call of Duty 4 master Ascythopicism keeps me around anyway. Why? Well, probably because I absorb bullets and I'm not a douchebag, but maybe also because I can patiently wait by the bomb site while he is off humiliating the other team. My favorite camping weapon? Er, claymores. But my second favorite? You guessed it, shotguns.

So the next time you step into a room, only to be blasted by a shotgun, torn asunder without any chance of defending yourself, you can curse the name of the camper who did it to you all you want. If it happens to be me on the other end of the barrel, I will feel a little bad for using such a cheap tactic.

But then, not too bad, because you've got a huge bloody hole in your torso, and I don't.
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