Me upon finding out that Vicarious Visions is going to stop making the kinds of games I like to go make exclusive doodoocaca at Blizzard.....


Oof, I didn't know I was playing Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold MAGA. C'mon games keep your liberal agenda out of my escapism./sarcasm


I CANNOT emphasize how this game has been 1,000% better than I ever expected it to be. The gameplay is fun and the narration by Prometheus and Zeus and their banter/exchanges are some of the funniest moments in any game I have played. I highly recommend!


Looking for recommendations for a decent headset for the ps5. I got one for Christmas and have been neglecting the world playing games. Missed everybody. How is it already the 31st?


I found an awesome Cyberpunk game. Cloudpunk. Best part is that Best Buy had the physical copy.


ME: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Also me for the 20th fucking time:


This video is still so fun, and the song will forever remind me of Waifu # 3 Haruhara Haruko.


I check at the walmart website and nothing show up but when I search an inventory checker this shows up.....beyond exhausted of the PS5 runaround.


Me following Wario64 on twitter to try to nab a PS5 the last few days with no luck. Also me: Having a conversation with an adult film star on twitter even though I never thought she would even reply the first time....like wut?


Is Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV trying to break the fan on my PS4? What gives? It's pretty but it's not a graphical marvel....again what gives?


MOTHERFUCKERS......I understand this is legal, but damn, it should be illegal to have these fucking bots for these scalpers. At least some of the reviews were cathartic.


Well, just tried to get a PS5 at 3PM on the dot like Walmart said and my computer almost caught fire. Womp womp, fuck you too.


Playing through legend of heroes trails of Cold steel 3 and the parallels between Donald Trump Marquis Ballad... Including his refusal to abdicate his Dukedom are uncanny.


Afraid of trying to get a PS5 today because it always looks like launch day consoles are basically the worst of the batch and plagued with issues. Meanwhile I have a huge backlog of great PS4, Switch, hell even original XBox (TJ&EIII) and PS2(Burnouts).


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