No one will ever be able to convince me that digital media is better than physical media due to BS like this.


Finding out I might need an expensive new TV to play an expensive PS5.... I'll probably have to wait a few years. Not ready to plunk down 1000+ dollars...


Glad to see that the actress who plays Rukia in bleach got an acting gig in seven deadly sins.


Stepped into a GameStop for the first time since the pandemic started to see if I can get a copy of ghosts of tsushima and they only had copies for the people that had pre-ordered. Then they wonder why people hate them. The employee was blaming Sony.


Playing through GTA Vice City. This fucking guy Hilary! Cheating fucker. The cops only chase me and he uses a cool muscle car while I get some grandpamobile. FUUUUUCK THIS MISSION!


Did my man Party Pete...I mean G√ľnther get banned from Twitch and Discord?? Oh nvm, it was Dr. DisRespect. Nothing of value was lost.


I beat Horizon Zero Dawn again, 100% again. Well, I have never played The Frozen Wilds. Anyone recommend?


I beat Horizon Zero Dawn again, 100% again. Well, I have never played The Frozen Wilds. Anyone recommend?


Journey to the Savage Planet on PS4 looks interesting. It's also on sale. Anyone play it and recommend?


Absolutfreak! Happy Birthday!! In b4 close on the birthday fun. I've always liked your insights and comments and that enigmatic mustachioed lollipop eating samurai.


Trying to decide if I should buy some pickles while risking being put on some sort of FBI watchlist..... Sweet what?


Welp......I just beat FFVII Remake. Anyone else wanna chat up some spoilers in the comments? Great game btw, aas someone who loved and beat the original like 5 times. So many questions though....


Finally! My Cloud Strife meets Chev Chelios in Crank 3: Midgar Rush fanfiction has come true. Pic in the comments.


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