Ummm... #Darksiders3? The Actual Charlton Heston insisted I share with the world what I spent 5 minutes doing instead of grading papes...headlines don't sell papes.


I wasn't aware that Best Buy carried limited run games. Awesome pick up plus they're Nintendo switch pro controllers only $55 and with a $10 gift card it came out to $48.


Finally had some time to play Outer Worlds....keep putting the controller down and accidentally shooting motherfuckers.


I hate not coming here often. I'm just DRAINED all the time. Working 3 jobs because my wife's checks have been halved since July because her seizures have come back full force and my son's mental health is worse than it's ever been. Life is hard...


My phone refuses no matter how much I rotate the picture to put this up right but I found a life hack on how to read the small subtitles and text in outer worlds.


I'm hungry and have computer duty at my school....so no lunch for another 1.5 hours....argh...


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