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Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 Tournament : You have been emailed

Friday Night Fight post going up in a bit.. this is sort of a short blog, but I just wanted to let the people who have emailed us know that they have been sent an email. Monday will bring another update letting you know who is in your team, and who is your host. I'll send the update through email and of course, another FNF blog. Use this FNF to train on the new maps, and just to have a good time. So far there have been over 50 entries, so hurry and enter before all the spots have been filled up.

If you haven't entered yet, there's still plenty of time. Just email : [email protected]

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Friday Night Fights started around the first couple of months Destructoid was birthed. It was lead by a small team of old and recent editors of Destructoid, and had a small following that played everything from XBOX 360 to Nintendo DS. As time passed Destructoid was becoming very big in terms of recognition and credibility. Somehow through the birth pains of Destructoid, Friday Night Fights was lost, but not completely forgotten.

Through a rag tag team of Destructoid's community members (Bfeld13, Snaileb, Tazar tha yoot, Bhive01, and D) Friday Night Fights was once again relived using the community blogs, and people were intrested in playing actual games again. The following was an uphill struggle for the community driven Friday Night Fights, with only a small group of willing gamers. Eventually Nintendo DS and PSP groups had to be axed in favor of the new console releases, and we even thought it should just end entirely.

Here we are 35 weeks later, and the only reason Friday Night Fights is still around has been you. With all the seperate Friday Night Fight blogs (Euro FNF, PS3 FNF, Halo FNF, Nintendo DS ThurDSays, Chicken Fried Saturdays, and of course Wednesday Night Warcawks) and so many different ways to find your fellow gamers, there's just no excuse. If you're here to game, we got you covered.

The whole point of Friday Night Fights isn't for a community based competition, or even choosing teams and sides. Friday Night Fights has always been dedicated torwards Destructoiders putting aside a specific gaming day to find each other and frag that special someone. To interact with the community we all know so well, and maybe get a headshot between our ramblings.

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