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Winner: The Wearing of the Green

In a rare unanimous decision, the judging panel has chosen HandsomeBeast's Donkey Kong drunk on St. Ives passed out in an Alley as the winner of it's Wearing of the Green contest. Congratulations; your prize is in the mail.


New Memeber GET: Stitch Please

Destructoid Artisans wishes to welcome Andrea "Stitch Please" Purcell to it's hallowed halls, where the Valkyries bring the chosen and every night the craft supplies heal back to their original, uncrafted form ready to be used again in batt...


Contestoid: The Wearing of the Green

Saint Patrick's day is fast approaching. Green beer, pride in Irish culture and getting pinched by that mean kid from second period for forgetting to wear a green shirt. Well the first two were cool. Regarding that last bit we've decided to...


Epic 8-bit Art: SMB gives me Wood

As far as video game art and crafts go, I think wood is a totally under represented medium. The few pieces I do see tend to be heavily painted and don't allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Thankfully Aristomatic has got me...


Epic 8-bit Art: Live @ MAGfest Edition

The best part of the marketplaces at cons is meeting the artists involved in the craft. I pressed ganged my husband into taking some pictures. Most of the people pictured are the artisan themselves, but a few coped to just running the booth...


Epic 8-bit Art: It's what's for Dinner!

*Cough* *Cough* Christ, it's dusty in here. What kind of @$$hole would let things go undone this long....Oh....carry on then, nothing to see here. This post is a mixed bag of only the best VG Artisanal work: First up: Game Over by Fuzz...


the rise of the spaztazm

OK so im new here, and im glad to be amungst many great artists! My real names Allyse Ive been making charms,pendants,and small sculptures for a while now. My husband uses this site, hes been here for at least a few years that i know of T9...


Epic 8-bit Art: LeChuck Sprite Tattoo

Video game tats aren't as common as most people think. Sure, there are some epic designs etched into people's skins, but in my opinion nothing comes close to this. This is a complete sprite tattoo of the nefarious LeChuck from the Monkey ...



After long deliberation, the Destructoid Artisans has come to a finally decision on our SCUMM contest winners! In first place: Kenobius - Purple Meteor from Maniac Mansion - Art Type: Fused beads In second place: Hoygeit - Indiana Jones...


SCUMM Contest: Last Day to Enter!

Today is the last day for all entries into the SCUMM contest. All entries have to be posted in the main contest comments by midnight tonight. To get everyone pumped for the contest, here's a cute video created by 3 of the biggest Monkey I...


Epic 8-Bit Art: Shmuzz Jewelery for Gamers

Finding jewelery that screams "I spend my nights with Master Chief and a Mario." is really hard to find out in the mainstream market nowadays which is why I'm thankfully for sites like Etsy which is full of amazing artists who can create n...


Epic 8-Bit Art: Get your Nerdcore on.

What in the hell are you doin walkin up in here with that whack a$$ style? What did you do; rob the set of a Kid and Play movie? This is aught-9 son; you have got to get your Nintendo Gangsta on. Peek this; I'ma hook you up. First off you ...


Epic 8-bit Art: Piranha Plant Scarf

DO WANT. I've always been a fan of crocheted game art, from the awesome goomba hat my mom made me, to the creations of our own Shadowsinthenyte. There's just something so awesomely nerdy about wearing this stuff around. And, with winter c...


Epic 8-Bit Art: Nintendo Cartridge Art

Created as part of the Handmade Brighton Art Event, these old Nintendo cartridges were given a second life with a splashy paint job and a basic black frame. I've always wondered what to do with broken cartridges and now I know - frame them...


Epic 8-Bit Art: The Death of Mario

The Destructoid Artisans Group is going to be going through some changes over the next month. Sort of under new management, the group has decided to add some new features along side our monthly contest and one of those features will be the...


Contest: SCUMM Games

Use the word scum in a word association game with a true retro computer geek and they wonít think about their date last weekend or the stuff they spent 3 hours scrubbing off their shower tiles last night. Nope, instead theyíll think about ...


Shortblog: And the winner is...

...Justice! Let me tell you, the Spam-bot was a real contender there for a while, but in the end he just couldn't pull it off. Justice can look forward to his fabulous prizes just as soon as we get a mailing address.


Contest: Dreamcasts' 10th Anniversary

On September 9th, 1999, SEGA fired the first shot in what would be the Sixth Generation of Video Game Consoles. After the dismal performance of the Saturn, SEGA decided to turn over a new leaf with the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast would have st...


Shadowsinthenyte: 64 Bit Genocide

Hey kids, do you like drinking? And partying? And Video Game themed art? And how about Rocking Out? Well do we have just the thing for you! It's 64 Bit Genocide, taking place this Saturday, August 22nd, at The Ottobar in lovely Baltimore, ...


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"Long ago, in an ancient and divided land, a great sorcerer was called upon to bring joy and unity to the nation. He was Pendelton21, known throughout the land as the one true plastimancer, the true wielder of all things plastic. Known for his proficiency for tiny plastic beads, Pendelton21 was asked to create works of art that would cause enemies to unite as friends, kings to bow to one another, and people around the nation to become content. So, the great plastimancer got to work, creating ontold beauty out of the lava from Mt. Vargauna, "sacred perler beads" from the Michaels down the street, and a rather reliable video game sprite database. Those works of orgasmic pulchritude, lost to the sands of time, have now been recovered, and are available for sale at good sir Pendelton's Etsy store (with shipping included). So, come all ye seeking the true beauty of the old land, and obtain the true works of plastimancer Pendelton21 (or, just go buy them because Pendelton is poor as shit and needs cash)!"

Craineum (aka BabaGEEK)
"I have been a father for three years and a geek my whole life. My geekiness is being passed to my kids without any thought or effort from me. I have been creating items and activities for my kids since they were born. I started to think that maybe others might want some of these things for raising their own kids, thus was born BabaGEEK. BabaGEEK Creations will be bringing you items for you and your growing geek family. Whether its a t-shirt that express's your inner geek, or a baby mobile that will get your young 'uns heading in the right direction early, or custom costumes for your families favorite cosplay events, BabaGEEK has the goods you desire."

Rio McCarthy
"My name is Rio and I've been crafting for as long as I could hold a pencil, which coincidentally is about as long as I've been playing video games as well. I like to do almost any and all crafts, especially drawing, sewing and painting. I'm most well known for making character hats, but that's not all you'll find in my store, so be sure to check back for future surprises. I'm all about the cute, so you never know what you might find in store for you at Rio's Renditions!"

"Adam Welker is Welkstar's handsome, mild-mannered alter-ego. Best known 'round these parts for his work on the RetroforceGO! t-shirt and arcade cab, he is an art school monkey with aspirations of one day becoming a famous cartoonist/animator/designer/pimp. But for now, he'll just settle for being decent at playing video games. (He's kind of lazy like that...) Adam specializes in pixel-perfect-paintings, custom character commissions, super sweet shirts, and all things retro. Join him in the games-as-art (or was that "art-as-games"?) crusade! Visit his Etsy store, "Welkstar's Wares," he'll create a special work of art that will look perfect in your game room, living room, rec room, bathroom, or creepy-ass dungeon lair. BADICAL!"

"epicWorks Creations started out in a small kitchen with big ambition. Originally known as epic SugarWorks, it consisted of a couple of friends who liked to bake cakes for friendís birthdays. Gradually, as epic SugarWorks incorporated unique handmade lollipops with video game and anime themes, we began selling our Ďedible artí at anime and video game conventions. Now we have incorporated charms and jewelry into the mix, giving birth to epic CharmWorks, and bridging the two through epicWorks Creations!"

"I started creating bead sprite art back in May 2007 when I came across another artistís work named Foglera on Flickr. It was then that I got the itch to combine my love of art with my love of videogames. I open my Etsy Store, Pixelated Creations, a couple of months later and I havenít stopped created my bead art since. I always try to put a little bit of everything in my store for videogame fans, but if you donít see what you want for sale, remember that you can email me at [email protected] for a custom request."

"My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was eight or so. I dropped it, and didnít pick it back up until I was 22 and my husband needed a scarf to keep him warm at his outdoor job. Once Iíd relearned, I didnít want to loose it again, so I started making odds and ends including a hat that looked like a Moogle. When I decided to switch careers, my husband recommended making and selling hats on Etsy to keep me in gas money while I went back to school. We came up with a few designs and the floodgates just let loose; for every design Iíve made Iíve got three more that I think would look sweet. The longer I do it the more I learn about crocheting, materials, business, and people and I really feel Iíve grown as an artist because of that. Even if no one is buying, I donít think I could stop. Iíve just got to see how the next design will turn out."

"Well im 22 years old, i have a son that was born september 11 09, ive been sculpting with polymer clays since i was about 12-13. i started off making rather undetailed girls/fairys, and baby dragons... and over time i grew to do more and more detaile. I do custom orders, id say im fair priced. I grew up in southern new hampshire (USA) when i was 18 my mother moved to Alabama.. and i went with her, i moved back and forth a few times, but ive been in alabama now since feb 1st 2008, i met my husband over the internet.. like the uber dork i am harhar. and like i said, i now have my son. love getting new ideas for things to make, so feel free to drop me a line!"

"blah blah blah StitchPlease blah blah cross stitch blah blah love anime blah loves RPGs blah blah blah boobs blah blah pretty cool blah blah blah internet"