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Retro City Rampage Review (PS3)

When I saw her, the first thing that went through my mind was that she doesnít belong in a place like this. Sheís leaning up against the bar, drink in hand and facing the crowd, oblivious to the mass of people. Her blood red dress contras...


Forza Motorsport 4 Review (Xbox 360)

Every year, a couple of the local Mercedes dealerships get together and rent out the Richmond International Speedway. They then spend a full day attempting to convince ĎVIPsí to buy a new overpriced luxury car. They do this by letting you ...


NASCAR 2011: The Game - Review

Iíve driven on two NASCAR tracks in my life. And by driven, I mean Iíve sat in a car, pressed my foot to the ground, and went around those ovals as fast as my nerves would let me. The first time was at Richmond Raceway, a high banked oval...


Gran Turismo 5 Review (PS3)

You really donít have to go very deep to find the truth about someone. And because of that, no matter how much you change on the outside, the essence of you is still there. Itís a blessing and a curse, because itís comforting to know that ...


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I host a podcast called Dead Pixel Live. It can be heard Monday & Thursday at 7:00 pm EST (4pm Pacific) on the All Games Radio Network.

I made a game for the Xbox using XNA called Revenge of the Ball and published it under the name Dead Pixel Arcade.

I am Tall.

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