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Control may be my personal GOTY as of now. Crazy as that sounds for a game that wasn't really on my radar


Control is sooooo good folks


Cookies in cream is best ice cream


Monday morning poop is the best part of Monday


I like cheese


If Wes is happy, I'm horny


Thank you Sega!


Judgment may be my game of the year. Freaking love it so far




Remember that time you thought White Orchard was the whole map?


Chest hair on a man = hot. Chest hair on a woman = erection forever


Had a dream about The Actual Charlton Heston. This is the summary of said dream in one gif


Back to this as my current mood


Reminder Tae Takemi>Makoto>Hifumi>everyone else


Your scheduled reminder that Siege is an awesome good time. Always looking for more players for our DToid squad and you get to hear our sultry voices


So Torch is actually pretty OK at Siege


I got an erection thinking about pepperoni pizza for lunch. #notsorry


Ever have a game you've tried multiple times to get into but never clicked and then all of a sudden out of the blue, you just get it? Third time's the charm, I'm enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn


I love the Souls games, but given the opportunity I usually pick easy as my difficulty. #noshame


#Gustoid #Puntoid Patient: "I'm terrified by random letters" Psychiatrist: "Oh are you" Patient: *Scream* Psychiatrist: "Oh I see" Patient: *Screaming intensifies*


Important question, do you call it a lightning bug or a firefly? There is a right answer here


Current mood


I'm addicted to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. That's the good stuff


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