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There will be beer tonight and there will be drunken video games later


When you realize The Outer Worlds is a little more than a week away


Created a new character in Bloodborne to try and join the "Return to Yharnum" event. About 5 minutes in I realized any skills/interest I had in Souls games has apparently been transferred to wanking it




Happy my wife has tolerated me for 6 years day!


Serious post time. October is breast cancer awareness month. This hits home for me. Make sure you take it seriously folks and have the women in your lives check themselves. It's sooo important. My wife is a survivor because she caught it early.


My word. I love Tales of Vesperia. The battles are an organized chaos that I love and the characters I adore. Just fantastic


Hi I'm Dere, I have a Jrpg addiction


I am most definitely in love with Tales of Vesperia


Happy Monday


Tales of Vespiria or Tales of Berseria...go


Platinumgames should make a big tiddy anime porn


The pirate crew wanted to play some card games, but they couldn't because the captain was standing on the deck


Important question. Which fast food sandwich would you pick to have sex with?


Public service announcement: Read all my Qposts as if I'm aroused, because spoiler, I always am. Right now writing this post...erection


An important question on everyone's mind...is Soulbow furiously wanking it to Borderlands 3 yet?


Just heard on the weather we could have thunderstorms with wet microbursts today. Side not, Wet Microbursts was the name I danced under during college


Reminder: Final Fantasy 12 is a top 5 game of all time


Thanks for all the birthday wishes Dtoid. This place is like family...like the creepy cousin that's really weird but kind of hot and deep down you'd like to see naked even though you know it's like 80% wrong


Cleaning cat puke first thing in the morning. Happy birthday to me!


Guess I'll be starting Final Fantasy 8 tomorrow


Control may be my personal GOTY as of now. Crazy as that sounds for a game that wasn't really on my radar


Control is sooooo good folks


Cookies in cream is best ice cream


Monday morning poop is the best part of Monday


I like cheese


If Wes is happy, I'm horny


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