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Momisms and Mom Thoughts on Gaming

I love my mother.  She's a pretty awesome lady.  Growing up, she did her best to keep things sane in a household with 2 boys that gave everyone a run for their money, a daughter that constantly pushing the boundaries of what ...


Thank You Destructoid

Its been a little crazy around here recently and I just had to get this out.  I know I've said this stuff before, but I just feel the need to get it all out there again.  This past year has been so difficult for me and family...


Not What the Doctor Ordered

I think I can assume everyone has their ups and downs.  Everyone gets sick now and then.  You just don't feel right.  When it gets too bad, your friendly neighborhood doctor gives you some pills and hopefully everything ...


Japan adventure

Holy cow!  I just have to say Japan was the absolute coolest trip I've ever taken.  If you ever get the chance, do it...Without thinking about it.  The flight kind of sucks, but it is well worth it.  There is someth...


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