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Someone in my area was selling their anime collection.


Oh god. Not only have I gotten back into Old School RuneScape in a major way, but I'm spending about 20% of my in-game bank on getting my Construction stat (which was intended to be a gold sink) to 99. Already have the supplies for it. I may be a silly.


Finished the story line for the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. You know, I'm a bit iffy about some changes (the lack of a basic attack for instance), but overall it's still delightful. It helps that it's improved exponentially in the postagame.


Catching up on Qtoid. Oh my goodness, thank you all so much for the birthday messages. I love you all <3


Went out today to pick these up as a birthday present to myself. Or rather, that's how I'm justifying these purchases. Some small but surprisingly solid speakers, and a doom metal vinyl.


Met up with my dad today for lunch. He also got me this as an early birthday present!


Well, Igorrr released a (pretty solid) new track featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse. Just in time for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, too! Enjoy.


#PetToid, huh? Here’s Bumpy! He’s 14 years old, and he’s a bit of a grump. He’s also a huge asshole. But he’s great. He’s a good cat, despite how murdery he is.


Went to a fancy crystal wares place today. I just went in to look around, but then I noticed they had a major clearance sale going on. I now have more beer glasses. I also got myself a growler from a local brewpub yesterday. Good beer, yay!


Happy birthday Panda! I know that the image is addressed to the anime character she uses as her avatar, but dammit it’s still thematically appropriate!


Well, Jojo Rabbit is finally playing where I am. God damn it was good. Taika Waititi may be one of the best comedic filmmakers out there right now, dammit.


Sweet. Found out that a local independent book store that I’m fond of didn’t actually close down several months ago. It just moved to a completely different suburb. So I went in today and picked this up.


So, I found out that Okilly Dokilly will be in Brisbane next month. I now have a ticket. Because of course I do.


So I saw the new Star Wars movie yesterday. I have some thoughts that I’d like to discuss in the comments. Spoilers and all that.


Yay! My new pillow top mattress arrived today! It’s the comfiest goddamn thing holy hell. So, so comfy.


My weekend was spent carrying heavy shit up and down staircases in 35-40 degree (celsius) weather. Current status:


Playing Ni no Kuni for the first time in years. Man, it holds up really well. Then again, it was probably one of the better looking PS3 games in the first place, since its art direction is on point. Helps that the core mechanics are solid, too.


Well, I finally found my hidden ability Indeedee! This makes me exceptionally happy <3!


Silly question, but does anyone have an Indeedee with the Psychic Surge ability? It’d help me a lot if someone could breed one for me. Been trying for ages to get one.


Clearly, I have the best ideas when it comes to Christmas tree toppers.


Well, I’m moving into my own flat in just a couple of weeks. And today I picked up some soft as hell bamboo bedsheets to go with the new pillow top mattress I ordered in! For the first time in a while, I genuinely feel like I’m on top of things.


I’m up to the sixth Gym now in Pokemon Sword, and god damn. I’m really having a blast with the game. Game Freak really needs to bring the Wild Area back in future titles, because it’s a real treat to scour. Especially since it changes daily.


I’ve not played Death Stranding yet, and probably won’t for a little while. But here’s my mental image of the game.


Went into Brisbane today. Mostly to go see a movie. But I did grab this bracelet from a local leather goods shop. God damn it’s nice.


Picked up this rather lovely plush illithid pouch for my dice. It kind of matches their Lovecraftian aesthetic, so it seemed thematically appropriate. Also the dice glow in the dark.


Man, I got into Fire Emblem: Three Houses in a major way. More so than Awakening, Fates, or Echoes. Mind you, I’m still absolutely terrible at strategy RPGs. Sooooo...


Picked up the Switch port of The Witcher 3. It’s... honestly pretty impressive. Like, it’s just The Witcher 3. On Switch. And it doesn’t feel bad to play so far. I am very okay with this. Very much so.


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