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Some friendly advice plz!

You all seem like a resourceful bunch thats why i wondered early if any of you fine community people had any advice on getting your hands on games earlier than the offical date... Now before the flamming begins let me clarify... I'm not tal...


Rock Band a.k.a. How Europe's is a sad panda.

With the release of it now officially in the US pretty much upon us, i cant help but wonder are there any fellow Europeans who'll feel a little dead inside knowing that they wont be rocking out with this bad boy this holiday season. I for o...


Guitar Hero III plp help!

Since im living in Ireland and eagerly await its release in two weeks i had my mind set on picking up the ps3 version of Guitar Hero III for two reasons: 1. I have the two previous incarnations of the Guitar Hero series and was championing...


Background Music Yo!

While playing some online games last night one idea came to me and i taught i toss the question to my fellow d'toid enthusiasts? Not counting the in-game, what music do you like to have in the background while playing your favorite games? ...


Warhawk Owners...Help Mez!

With a serious lack of games on the PS3 at the moment i was going to dip into my pockets and download this badboy? The question i put forth, is it worth the 29.99 euros? Its been getting pretty decent reviews which surprised me to be honest...


European 360 Price Cut

Belgian website Shizzle Games are displaying images with the now confirmed European price cut, which will kick off on August 24th (Elite launch and Bioshock/Blue Dragon)... HUZZAH! And i was going to buy an Elite on Friday anyway, now i ge...


My god..A new aesthetic in hand use.

This guy completely blew my shit off...How did i miss this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0bKq3x74UE He also covers The Trooper by Iron Maiden and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. And for you 'real' music lovers try his haunting rendition o...


Rock Band Disappointment. (Europeans)

Quote from Gamespot interview: "When contacted by GameSpot UK, an EA representative said, "We don't think [Rock Band] will be released in Q4." GameSpot will bring you further details as soon as they are available." FUCKKKKKKKKKK! Well at...


To Elite or not to Elite, that is the question...

In light of recent news with regards the new 'updated' 360 HDMI, 65nm chips as standard, OH NOZ! ive been left in a situation where advice from you guys would be appreciated. Basically i was planning on trading in my original launch xbox 3...


The Original Emo

I know its not exactly game related but i nearly choked on my cereal when i saw this.. Get ready to launch the ROFLCOPTERS!


New Details on Watchmen Movie...Eeek! *Nerd-Alert*

As a huge comic fan ive been keeping an eye on this project for a while now and with the announcements made over the last few days made with regards the movie ive been requiring changes in underwear at reocrd levels this year! So i therefo...


New Confirmed Guitar Hero III Tracks OMG!

With the release of Rock Band looming the Guitar Hero franchise is in desperate need of some killer tracks for their new title due before the end of the year. And while the tracks already announced were pretty cool on their own as individua...


Broken bones for the love of the 'toid.

On the advice of Nex ive decided that this story should be shared to the community (despite my immense embarrassment) On my daily ventures to and from work upon my bicycle i usually listen to a variety of podcasts in between album/songs. T...


Those Crazy Williams St Guys Have Done It Again!

After the insanely good Bible-Fight the guys at Adult Swim are treating us again to a flash game of sheer joy of originality. Entitled simply 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself it spurs you onto to end your eternal suffering working 9 to 5 in a of...


Fellow Europeans unite under one faecal banner!

According to Kotaku Spannish Shit-Lovers's the Sony enthusiasts of Spain have simply had enough of the companies repeated broken promises and PR nightmares (PGR3..*cough*) and decided to grace the head office of said console maker with a bo...


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