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Rise of the Anti-Hero

When I found her she was quite sick, scared, and alone. I stood over the body of her protector -- my most recent kill. She scurried across the floor, terrified. As I approached I could see the fear flashing in her eyes. Then I reached o...


Flatout UC Demo

After playing the ever-loving shit out of the demo for Flatout Ultimate Carnage, available on the Xbox Live network, I can determine two important things: 1) this game is a ton of fun 2) the graphics look pretty I just wish they could hav...


Another World - Old game is old.

Another World is a computer game that was originally released by Delphine Software for the Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS PC. It also saw release on The Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. When I first played it, back in th...



Like a lot of members on the Penny-Arcade forums, I've taken home a piece of swag I do not want. We've named this condition "PAXitis" and it covers nearly every ailment documented by human beings since the beginning of time. From sore, bl...


Robot Chicken Farewell PAX Party

I've been trying to get a decent enough connection to post something worthwhile for the last couple days and now that I'm back at home on stable internet connection I've decided to post my story of why I came here and how I met my newest be...


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