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First Post - HI! + My Gaming Hopes For 2014

Hey guys, as the title says, this is my first post! Woo!!!

I've created this account to practice my writing and so I can like/comment all the other cool Cblogs I've read on here for a while. I primarily write about music, but I really need the variation right now (there's only so many ways to describe a dude shouting over some guitars), so I've decided to take some time and write about my second love, gaming. I'll be doing a bunch of op-ed type things, some reviews, lists, the usual stuff as and when time allows.

To stop this from being just another 'hey wassup?' first post, I've decided to dive straight in with a brief piece about what I'd like to see from games next year.

From Big Developers

Ambition, evolution and community input.

For myself and countless others, the current (well, last now, I guess) gen had it's first real "Holy shit!" moment when I stepped out of the sewers for the first time in Oblivion and the thought of a next gen Elder Scrolls or Fallout (which we might be getting soon, if that 'survivor2299' thing turns out to be legit) is real cause for excitement.

Exploring the bigger, better looking and, most importantly, deeper game worlds that the new technology will make possible is easily the prospect I'm most excited about, going into the next generation.

Previous iterations of those games, as well as GTA V recently (even if that did suffer from being almost too ambitious with it's online mode), have shown that we can already do 'big and busy', it's time now to start doing 'believable'. Developments in NPC AI could and should lead to the most immersive experiences yet and with how good these series' already are at that, we're heading into exciting times.

Moving away from open worlds, however, the biggest disappointment in recent memory, for me, was Hitman: Absolution. One of my most cherished franchises being stripped of it's charm and dumbed down to an unrecognisable degree was very hard to watch and it's great to see that Eidos have listened to fans when it comes to the upcoming Thief games and have been getting rid of the terrible features that would've lead that series to the same fate.

The vocal gaming community might not be 'right' very often, but when it is, it's worth taking notice and hopefully this kickstarts a new era of people power.

Eidos, if it were a person.

From Indie Games:

(More) Experimentation and variation.

Speaking of kickstarting (smooth segue), the world of indie development has never been more accessible, my big hope for 2014 is, honestly, more of the same. The word 'innovative' has never been used so frequently nor honestly as it has when discussing indie games over the past few years and it'll be great to see where that takes us next.

As an aside, however, despite being not much of a PC gamer outside of my annual 300 hour binge on that year's Football Manager, I'm a sucker for a good RTS. Sadly, I can't remember a truly great new series since Rise Of Nations debuted all those years ago, but indie developers might just be the salvation that the genre's been crying out for.

It might not be the most likely hope I have for 2014, but with what they've done for platforming and survival games (albeit one too many times at this point), why shouldn't RTS be the next big thing in indie?

From New IPs:

Erm... Who knows?!

If I could sit here and write what new IPs would be great and sell well, I'd be pitching it to publishers and developers. The only thing I can say is this: Please, games industry, enough with the zombies already.

"Yaaaaawn" - Everybody
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