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What is Sprout's Tale?

Disclaimer: this was our first development blog entry, originally posted in December 2012. Rather than simply post images of Sprout's Tale, we want to show you the project evolved.
So first a little info, right?

In this game, you'll be taking control of a strangely-hatted character and traversing right through a lifeless world. Your purpose is fairly simple- make the world beautiful again. Grow grass, trees, bushes, flowers and other plants to build a world where life can thrive.

On the way, you'll be fighting some monsters of course. Not to mention poisonous air, landslides, giant menacing (perhaps even evil) boulders, and other none-to-kind elements.

If all goes according to plan you'll soon be playing a relaxing, beautiful, and mentally challenging side-scroller on your Xbox within about 6 months.

Character likely to change. Hat to stay the same.

So What's done so far?

- Level editor is functional and nearing completion (aka perfection thanks to our incredibly  talented programmer)
- Early level assets are approaching completion and beautification (everything our artist does is mind-blowingly lovely)
- First hour of gameplay laid out and ready for implementation
- Team is well-fed

Updates to come on a regular basis, even when we have nothing to say or show!
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Decade Design was officially formed in 2013 for the sole purpose of developing Sprout's Tale. It's going pretty well.

Unofficially, however, our company is a continuation of an ancient guild of carpenters devoted to some kind of mystical practice that will allow us to take over the world.

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