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Super Mario Galaxy

Decided to pick up Super Mario Galaxy earlier today. Had a bit of trouble because of the sub-par customer service by the first three stores that I went into. Its kinda crazy on how on three separate occasions I had to try and convince somebody (who didn't seem to know what I was talking about) that the actual release date was today. Haven't gotten the chance to start playing as of yet, but I have the a bit o' time set aside for tomorrow.
I'm always excited about a big release, and I'm always a dedicated Nintendo fan. I played the hell outta the Super Mario 64, and Mario World. I'm personally hoping for some very new and ground braking subjects to come up whilst playing. Looking very forward to see what the controls are going to be like, and from the sound of all the hub-bub of the hype surrounding the game, I'm really psyched to see if this game lives up to all the Mario Glory he's been getting lately.
Hopefully this plumbers fan won't be disappointed at whats hopefully another great game in a long line of games that have held on to the classic feel of retro gaming. As well as the hope for the always elusive better content, controls, sound, graphics, and content. I was to tell the truth a bit disappointed at the last Mario game that was put out. Sunshine in my book was a flop, just not enough to keep me there. Heres to having my fingers crossed. Look back to see how the game fares, might be the reason to get a Wii so far for all those non-owners out there.
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